[UX] Shower Thoughts. Players would be less toxic if...

Had some shower thoughts today. **Players would be less toxic if they were ranked for individual performance as well as team performance**. Think about it: got an AFKer? The current system doesn't reward you for continuing to play the game. Most league systems instead *punish you* for continuing to play a game. Individual performance would allow you to get some points towards your next rank if you didn't feed/give up. What about if someone on your team picked a really bad champion for the matchup/troll picked/trolled your team? As long as you did well in cs/didn't feed or flame, you'd still be rewarded. I'd be really interested in what UX studies riot and the reds have on this and why they haven't implemented something like this before. There's no need to complain/AFK/tilt if you know that you'll still be rewarded for your sporting/good play, even if your team does bad (or in many cases has one bad actor) and loses. The only reason I can think of off the top of my head is that Riot wants us to play as long as possible, and the current system empowers one bad actor to negatively affect as many players as possible, causing those other players to play longer to meet objectives. (aside from cases where someone immediately closes the game, something I've seen in ux studies for other games.) The increase in distance between honor waypoints and other reward milestones tends to lend credence to this.
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