No, this post isn't complaining about the tank meta, nor is it an anti-circlejerk-circlejerk about Ori. This post is to remind people to say (say it with me emphatically), "FUCK THE META." Seriously, people are so caught up in the meta in low elo that they will fight with their own teammates over petty things like off meta supports. As I climbed to higher and higher elo, the people who complained about my off meta supports grew more and more rare. Is this correlation a coincidence? Maybe. But, fuck the meta. Play what you want and win with it. Let your teammates play what they want, and let them win with it. I climbed to g1 with yorick support, probably hundreds of my teammates cussed me out in champ select for picking it. I DON'T WANT THAT FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Just fuck the meta. Fuck it. You don't need it. Your team doesn't need it. Nobody but the top .1% needs it.
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