I fear for this generation

I see so many threads that basically say "these players were so much more toxic than me/my friend/this streamer and yet they don't get banned!" News flash: the ethical nature of your actions or anyone else's actions does not depend on the punishment (or lack thereof) of others. If you did something wrong and you got punished for it then you deserved it. Period. It doesn't matter if other people deserved it more. It doesn't matter if other people were WAAAYYY worse than you. If you do something wrong then you deserve to be held accountable for your actions. That's what being an ADULT is, taking responsibility for your actions. Let's use a real world example. If you shoplift and get caught can you imagine how ridiculous you would sound if you said "thousands of murders go unsolved and unpunished every year, why am I being punished for shoplifting!" Stop acting childish. Stop sticking up for people who deserve to be punished just because "others deserve to be punished more." Its a complete logical fallacy.
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