Multiple bans for stupid reasons

Dear Riot, As someone has has multiple accounts in League of Legends, and has had multiple accounts permanently banned, all for the same thing, I have a question to ask you: If you are going to give people the option of muting other people, why in the actual hell would you ban someone for toxic verbal behavior? I'm not saying I'm not toxic, but I sincerely believe that you should not give bans out for toxicity. EVERY player has a mute button for every other player. Nowadays, there are mutes for pings. There are ALWAYS ways to assure that if someone on your team is being toxic, you do NOT have to deal with it. Yet, you still cater to the thin skinned people that are offended by words. Seriously? I sincerely believe that is wrong, and I seriously would like an explanation as to why you have the option of muting people in game, but still dole out punishments for verbal abuse? That is literal stupidity at its finest. People in the game have a way of dealing with toxic people. It's the mute button. It is NOT crying to mommy and daddy. And if people cry to mommy and daddy about toxic people, and mommy and daddy actually DO something about it, then people will learn that crying will get you things, and the last time I checked, that's not how the world works. That's not even how your game works. Untold times, circumstances are unfair. Things are constantly being pitted against you in League of Legends, and its all about DEALING WITH THEM. I sincerely do not understand why you would do this. It makes no sense. It's bad leadership, and as such, I demand an answer. If you cannot give me one, I want my accounts unbanned. I don't care if as a result of toxicity, privileges are taken forever. I don't care if I earn less IP per game. I want my accounts back. And since we all know mommy and daddy would never actually be fair, at least give me a goddamn explanation. Sincerely, Booksmarts
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