As a player with Autism, I'd LOVE to have one F-ing day where I wasn't called a R%%%%%.

First off... I'm going to throw riot logic back at them and say this: A mute/filter feature isn't a justifiable reason to let players use this language. I'm so sick of being called a r%%%%% every other game. It really isn't that hard to program your chat feature to completely filter that word out. In pseudocode "IF String = "R%%%%%" then ****" I shouldn't have to mute someone over being called a r%%%%% because they shouldn't be able to use the fucking word in the first place. You people that use r%%%%% as an insult are fucking animals. People with my conditions and similar hurt themselves and or kill themselves over being called that. For people like me... the insults can stick with us for days and weeks. Your not funny, your not cool. Your a fucking asshole. There is no legitimate FUCKING reason for someone to use the word R%%%%% in league. Yes I know there is a medical use of that word... but the people going around using it aren't using it for medical reasons now are they? I don't mean to go on a tirade... but after being called a r%%%%% all day.. and getting called one in the last match... then saying.. hey thats not cool. I'm autistic that's highly offensive... then being called a R%%%%% 8 more times... yeah I'm pretty pissed right now.. and yeah I did some things I regretted. I need to be able to see chat to know whats going with the team. If I use the mute feature.. I'm already losing 50% of my total communication with the team. 100% if they start being an asshole and pinging me for no reason. If I don't mute chat and pings.. I have to sit there and be harassed and insulted.

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