how about dealing with players who create toxicity too?

people can run down mid, go 0/85 and as long as they dont say a word in chat their account wont get harmed, thats TOXIC GAMEPLAY and causes TOXICITY in chat. who gets banned? --> the one writing in chat as reaction to the TOXIC GAMEPLAY im pretty sure if there was a system besides this placebo "intentionally feeding" report option that doesnt do anything (there are 0 players banned because of int feeding) players would think twice about creating toxic gameplay. less toxic gameplay --> less toxic players also 5 minutes waiting restriction because of intentionally afking is a joke. permanently ban players who still go intentionally afk after the "warning" which is compared to the 14 day ban in league. less intentionally afk --> less toxic players just a bad thing only crybabies sit at this behaviour team like riot lyte. also stop lying to us with things like punishment for intentionally feeding players, your playerbase isnt as dumb as you think.
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