Gold/Platinum ranked games and theyr teams

Hi. What i wanna talk about are teams we get in league. Always when anybody told me he is stuck somewhere becuse of the teams he is getting, I did not believe that, I thought it´s just an excuse. But it actually isn´t. When climbing to platinum V, I was in gold 1, with mmr of platinum 3, getting normal playerslosing and winning, as it went. Since I hit platinum, my MMR dropped to gold 3, and I started getting totally unskilled and unexperienced players, that are nervous, they play with emotions from previous games and they flame, afk, troll, and int. So the huge loss streak has begun. Since now, I did NOT drop to gold 1 (which actually surprises me), but every game is the same. In the first 10 minutes, my (for example) top lane is 0 - 8 - 0, and goes afk or just keeps pushing his lane even though the enemy junger just keeps coming and killing him again and again. He does this until eevryone from our team starts pinging on his face, cus he is 0 - 10 and still does the same thing. And now, how does the game look - enemy top laner is so fed, that they just roam all around the map, and if we don´t mange to kill that player immediatelly, everybody else starts dying to him and we lose, because we just cant take down that 15 - 2 full tank {{champion:86}} , or whatever is enemy top just playing down. And we lost to this. What I noticed is that there are few champions ({{champion:114}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:39}}) ,that are SO DUMB, that they can legit end game my 17th minute. I wonder, what do I do against this. I main Lee Sin, so I thought I migth be ableto carry the gam as jungler-nope. Here is an example : In early game, I totally stopmped bot and top lane. Since they were good, I went mid. It went good aswell. Zed went 4 - 1. And at this point, my bot lan starts falling to {{champion:62}}. Zed started falling to {{champion:55}}, and I was just not able to protect my bot from getting oneshoted by {{champion:62}} and {{champion:55}}. We just lost. I didn´t even know what in the ... happend. I just don´t know how t ocounter dumb teammates.
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