"You banned my champ, so I throw the match = You Trolling"

Yeah, this is what it has come to. I just got out of a match where jungler got Yi Banned (yeah I permaban yi, not dealing with the ego or the threat, depending on whether he is on ally or enemy team) So I ban yi during the BAnning phase. The 1-trick yi goes the entire match as xin intentionally feeding and spamming for reports on me because "You Banned Yi, you have smite, so you are trolling" and spamming "Report ziggs, he banned my yi" in /all chat. (BTW, Banning a champ is not reportable, SPAMMING FOR REPORTS IS. Get that through your head please, I will report people who lobby for reports on their team. If someone is to be reported, YOU DO IT SILENTLY! Not broadcast it over /all chat for your pity points. Anyways In post game, Our top lane Poppy goes on about how if her champion was banned. She actually doesnt grasp that people generally know MORE than 1 champ. Poppy: what if I banned zig Poppy: how would u feel Me: Then I have OTHER champs I Know how to play Me: I would play one of those me: because I am not a 1-trick Me: and know how to play MULTIPLE champs Poppy: but what if u only wanted to play zig at the time Poppy: if the other team banned it Me: Thats why I am not so fragile I drop to the ground kicking and screaming like an infant Poppy: i know, but own team baned me. i throw Me: if the champ I wanted to play got banned Poppy: most ppl will throw She says she would intentionally throw the match if her champ got banned.. and then .....pretzels the logic to were HER throwing her match is MY fault. Poppy: ur just want to lose thus, trolling Me: not trolling Me: I dont throw if my champ gets banned Poppy: why u want to lose then? Poppy: ppl throw game = lost Me: YOU said you will throw the match if your champ is banned Poppy: most ppl will Poppy: not just me So If her champ gets banned by a teammate, She will intentionally throw the match If she intentionally throws the match, the team loses. If the team loses, it is the fault of whoever banned her champ. And Whoever banned her champ will get reported for trolling because they...somehow forced her to throw the match? Yeah its Not Her fault she will throw a tantrum and the match because the one champ she knows how to play got banned its the fault of whoever banned the champ she was gonna play for whatever reason, they intentionally forced her to throw so should be reported for "Trolling" Welcome to another fine example of "6 degrees of reporting!" This is what I constantly have to deal with. Report happy kids who want to twist and contort ANYTHINg into some way reportable. Way to go riot, you are raising a wonderful community of tantrum toddlers eager to throw the biggest possible shitfit because the entire game isnt going how they want. Booohooo hooooooo. No penta? report the other team for trolling, they are hurting my feelings by not giving me a penta, thus they are being toxic to me and leading me to have a negative experience. WHAAAAAAAAA{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} So yeah, Expect this "6 degrees of Reporting" trend to continue.Now that kids know they can report people for just about anything, they will twist anything they can to fit the big three "You are being toxic" "You are Trolling" "You are inting" This is only the start, Dont worry about trying to fit a Square peg into a round hole, Just make the round hole big enough so the square peg can pass right through.
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