My Last Game of League

Hello, I want to provide some statistics and a chat log from my last game of League of Legends (last played and last going forward). I request a no flame discussion about what is acceptable and what an acceptable punishment is. My objective is to present my chat logs, and get the communities feedback if a 14-day suspension is an acceptable punishment for what I said. I also want to know if even a 10 or 25 game chat restriction is warranted for this chat. I want to highlight the fact no racism, homophobic, hate speech, or even profanity was used on my part. No one was told to commit acts of violence against themselves or others. I have played a total of 75 games of League of Legends. 2.6666% of my games were found to not be positive (total of 2). I was basically told it doesn't matter I was an honorable player, receiving key fragments and stats about how 44%ish of my honors were GG. All it takes is one argument to strip you of your honor and put your account at risk for permanent suspension. Context did not matter when deciding my punishment. Only what I said. When reading do not try and think of what was actually happening in the game because it does not matter. For example when I said "LunarisKleipsis: dont gank top. id hate to have to do more harm" below do not assume I was int'ing down a lane or even trolling in any way, it was not a factor in determining my punishment. Look at the words used only. See you at the bottom. Game 1: 5/3/18 LunarisKleipsis: you shouldnt of been toxic trynd' LunarisKleipsis: he banned my champ i had selected. LunarisKleipsis: dont gank top. id hate to have to do more harm LunarisKleipsis: too busy ganking toxic trynd kha is LunarisKleipsis: thats cool. as long as trynnd gets one for doing what he did ill take it. LunarisKleipsis: oph explain? LunarisKleipsis: exactly. i havent done anything wrong LunarisKleipsis: no i havnet LunarisKleipsis: what trynd did was greifing LunarisKleipsis: which is reportable LunarisKleipsis: intentionally causing harm to the team LunarisKleipsis: banninng another persons champ they selected is greifing LunarisKleipsis: you are just upset you didnt get a game you liked LunarisKleipsis: and i did tell you exactly what i was going to dop LunarisKleipsis: in champ select LunarisKleipsis: and you have given tryndamere a pass on his behavior LunarisKleipsis: you said hes allowed to piss anyone off LunarisKleipsis: he can do anything he wants and its okay LunarisKleipsis: its not a bad thing LunarisKleipsis: thats not what you said LunarisKleipsis: nope LunarisKleipsis: because you have flawed logic LunarisKleipsis: by giving trynd a free pass, by letting him get away with his behavior you enabled him. and you brought my actions on yourself LunarisKleipsis: by not condeming his behavior i was forced to react LunarisKleipsis: yhes i was LunarisKleipsis: i had my game ruined LunarisKleipsis: and you didnt even notice LunarisKleipsis: what he did LunarisKleipsis: until it was told to you LunarisKleipsis: no i picked sionn and tried to win LunarisKleipsis: you are mad what i did didnt work LunarisKleipsis: your lack of principals disgusts me LunarisKleipsis: you let trynd call me names, flame me for simply saying what he did to me LunarisKleipsis: you didnt bat an eye whenn he called me names LunarisKleipsis: you didnt care LunarisKleipsis: only when the game stopped being in your favor did you get angry at me LunarisKleipsis: because clearly winning is all you care about LunarisKleipsis: he can do annythingn he likes LunarisKleipsis: lol said the one trying to reason his lack of morals and principals LunarisKleipsis: im not afk LunarisKleipsis: you are ruining the game afking LunarisKleipsis: im out pushing lanes while you cry LunarisKleipsis: i nbever did. scroll up kid LunarisKleipsis: you are delusional LunarisKleipsis: said the guy making false accusations LunarisKleipsis: saying i did things or said things i never did LunarisKleipsis: someone is taking a community college course LunarisKleipsis: and it shows Zzz LunarisKleipsis: and yet you let trynd act how he has been LunarisKleipsis: and dont stand up and say stop? LunarisKleipsis: i never flamed anyone LunarisKleipsis: yet you attack me? LunarisKleipsis: you dont even acknowledge hes done anything wrong LunarisKleipsis: yet i have ruined your game and deserve to be reported? LunarisKleipsis: im selfish for wanting to play a game just like everyone else LunarisKleipsis: yes it is LunarisKleipsis: yet you have evidence i dont flame, and i try hard LunarisKleipsis: as in our last game LunarisKleipsis: yet you flame me LunarisKleipsis: and say trynd is just fine LunarisKleipsis: to do what he did LunarisKleipsis: NOT by my own teammate LunarisKleipsis: who gets a message that a teammate has that champ selected LunarisKleipsis: i did LunarisKleipsis: you're just mad LunarisKleipsis: that it didnt go as well as last game LunarisKleipsis: you're honestly pathetic LunarisKleipsis: i have never met a more disgusitng human who hides behind psuedo intellect LunarisKleipsis: im out here playing and tryingf LunarisKleipsis: you're afk raging LunarisKleipsis: whgat you are doing LunarisKleipsis: is wrong LunarisKleipsis: and you sit on a moral highground and conndemn me? LunarisKleipsis: pathetic LunarisKleipsis: yes it is LunarisKleipsis: you accuse me of ruining everyonnes game LunarisKleipsis: yet you afk and dont try LunarisKleipsis: no LunarisKleipsis: stoip typing LunarisKleipsis: and play Game 2: 4/26/18 LunarisKleipsis: too bad bot lane didnt come do it when i wanted LunarisKleipsis: you done not warding? nice vision score on you and nami LunarisKleipsis: and the fact we have no vision has zero effect LunarisKleipsis: great logic kid LunarisKleipsis: annd he never warded AND i ganked for him early and he didnt even budge LunarisKleipsis: ^ LunarisKleipsis: nami stop typing LunarisKleipsis: and try wardingfn LunarisKleipsis: something LunarisKleipsis: good job warding nami. LunarisKleipsis: you cant leave because you have failed to ward all game LunarisKleipsis: and it cost us more than anything jinx can make up LunarisKleipsis: fiddle roamde blind bot how many times? LunarisKleipsis: my last 4 deaths were on OUR side of the map LunarisKleipsis: to having no support warding and im maxed for dropped wards LunarisKleipsis: i walk out and die to riven LunarisKleipsis: and nami still cant go ward LunarisKleipsis: sweeper and sightstone and you BARELY have more vision score than i LunarisKleipsis: yet you dont take any fault Intense stuff up there. I believe context matters and will add more details but first my initial objective needs to be completed first. Recapping my objective and adding a Hmm question. Please look at the my chat and only my chat. Make no assumptions about the games or the context in which things were said. Read the words and ask yourself what was really said and how bad was it. How far are we willing to take this community down into places where in a competitive game all it takes is the above to lose your account? Is a 14-day suspension the appropriate punishment? If so why? Should this even qualify for a chat restriction? If so 10 or 25 and why? Let's discuss politely and respectfully. **EDIT 1:** Riots response has been any negativity at all is deserving of punishment. Doesn't matter what kind of negativity it is, how much it is. Negativity in any form is unwelcome in League of Legends. It is not okay to have a single game where you resort to any form of negativity. Rioter Deme Lovato's response to this statement is "this is essentially the current stance." He continued on "all we want players to do is to adopt a positive/neutral stance in their games... we don't have to be this positive ray of sunlight 24/7 in all of our games." To which I replied "Just not negative at all, 24/7 yes? Only positive/neutral as determined by code and Rioters behind the scenes unknown to the players?" Rioter Deme Lovato, what say you? "essentially, yes" I'm still talking with the amazing Deme Lovato so more to come. Thank you for the positive support of most everyone =], keep it positive! **EDIT 2:** Finished my hour and half chat with Deme Lovato who gave consent for me to use his name and quotes before EDIT 1 btw, that is important to me. I could start a whole new thread with all the good information shared between us. But two things in particular should be here and highlighted. Allies banning your declared champion. Deme Lovato said "if we contribute negativity to a game, then we're responsible for it." I asked "By letting allies ban your declared intended champion and supporting the behavior. How are you NOT contributing negativity to the overall experience of league of legends?" at first he expertly dodged my question but I want to share some of the good hearted comedy we shared. He replied "i might've misread that, mb" to which i quipped "Mistakes happen, unlike riot I wont punish you for it :^)" Deme Lovato: "mmm b l e s s e d, thanks based lunaris". Back on track. **"By letting allies ban your declared intended champion and supporting the behavior. How are you NOT contributing negativity to the overall experience of league of legends?"** Deme Lovato responded with "genearlly, if i come into an unfavorable champ select situation, i'd actually recommend dodging in that scenario -- especially if its the first dodge of the day." To which I replied "Dodging is a negative behavior. You just gave me the green light to fight negativity with negativity which contradicts everything you've said about why my punishment is warranted." Deme Lovato?... "hahaha, essentially, you may have gotme here" When talking about my punishment it was made clear that negativity of any kind is not acceptable and should be punished. I was then told to go ahead and dodge which is a negative action that while can be done for not negative reasons, is still a negative action at the end of the day. The problem is clear. We have hidden backroom policies and expectations that are not clearly displayed. We have here a flow chart where all actions lead to punishment. The system is designed to fail. We need to turn a flashlight on it and acknowledge the flaws just like Rioter Deme Lovato did so we can work to make the community a better place, not an online secret police state. I urged and invited Deme Lovato to come here and even say hello, was nice chatting with me. But unfortunately that will not happen and I was not able to determine if it was a personal or policy driven action. Regardless thank you Deme Lovato, bless you.
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