14 day ban

hello, riot community i've never been on the board because i've never really have had an issue until, my account was given a 14 day ban when i've never gotten any other bans at all from lvl all the way up to lvl 30 i still have my all chat disabled so i can't talk or see other teams, i've been playing normal's most of the time and took a week or two break and come back to play ranked and i was doing my placements and i wont 2 of my games then lost 1 because of our whole team was just blaming each other and not working as a team and I said hurtful things but a 14 day ban really? i've never been in any trouble on here. Game 1 In-Game Mod Sun: oh did we or did the brainless karthus jungle come in and feed Mod Sun: and do you know how much 1 death can change the game kid Mod Sun: kys kartus and akali Mod Sun: \ Mod Sun: ypu kys Mod Sun: trash ass low life fuck Mod Sun: end you shit life Mod Sun: :) yup all you are Mod Sun: losing to a fucking ekko when you counter him Mod Sun: you're pathetic that's the one and only game i got banned for. btw no chat restrictions or anything before this. also the reason why i'm here is every single time i try and make a support ticket with riot about this issue, i get fucking reply by a blitzcrank bot and have request a human but nothing happens
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