Permanently banned for getting flamed by a premade??

I'll admit that in the past I have been a flamer. I made conscious efforts to reform my chat to make it less toxic and as a result have just recently climbed nearly back to honor level 2 - which before was almost impossible for me. Today I had a game with a premade who flamed the entire team so hard as well as me, wanting to report me for getting caught. below are the chat logs. Is this worth a permanent ban? Game 1 In-Game Viralessa: gj jinx Viralessa: love that she can just run me in the face Viralessa: ??? Viralessa: we didn't fight Viralessa: are you looking at the map? Viralessa: stfu karthus (he asked to report me here) Viralessa: wtf Viralessa: what??? Viralessa: report karthus please Viralessa: toxic af Viralessa: see Viralessa: you haven't seen sona with tp?? Viralessa: what elo are you Viralessa: who is inting Viralessa: ahri is fed because of bot? XD Viralessa: lmao Viralessa: muted Viralessa: no tank Viralessa: why are we ruining the game? Viralessa: we were backing Viralessa: you are as toxic as karthus Viralessa: reported Viralessa: please report karthus and amumu they are flaming 24/7 Viralessa: karthus good decision to tf at baron Viralessa: got us all killed Viralessa: and blames me Viralessa: say more karthus Viralessa: you are adding to your ban :) Viralessa: ofc the premade are this toxic Viralessa: please remember to report amumu and karthus, premade and flaming entire team Viralessa: fuck Viralessa: report me for getting caught Viralessa: please keep flaming Viralessa: you are just improving your ban time Viralessa: wp jax Viralessa: you have died same deaths as me karthus (calling to report me again) Viralessa: please report these two... Viralessa: keeo talking Viralessa: gg guys Viralessa: please report amumu and karthus very toxic Viralessa: wp Post-Game Viralessa: i will Viralessa: if you report amumu and karthus Viralessa: i haven't been flamed this hard since s4 Viralessa: you flamed from minute 1 Viralessa: riot will see your chat logs dude Viralessa: and you will be banned Viralessa: gl Game 2 Is there any point in playing this game if anything you say in chat gets triggered like this? taken vastly out of context the above looks worse than it is - i don't think this justifies a permanent ban?
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