Players Going 'AFK' Without Actually Going AFK

So recently I've ran into a massive glut of players who get angry for one reason or another and decide to go afk. Except, they technically don't go afk. Most of them are careful not to say 'I'm afk' in game, rather saying things like 'fuck this, I'm not playing this anymore' and just going to afk push a lane or sit in jungle doing nothing but quietly farming. My question is - does Riot have a way to detect this kind of stuff? I'm kind of 'okay' with typical afks and toxic players because I get to see the 'player has been punished' type thing sometimes, and I know that Riot is at least trying to fix it. But because the way how I see a lot more of these sorts of players than actually 'toxic' or 'afking' players SEEMS to suggest that they don't - although, of course, this is purely anecdotal. How can I word a report or do anything to try and catch these people? This issue has been a growing source of frustration, and I would at least like to know how, if at all, Riot is working at fixing the problem.
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