Unfair chat restriction for being insulted by other players, logic?

Hi Board, I just logged in to my account and i got to read the chat and i am have a really hard time comprehending how i got a restriction while i was the one being attacked by the players. I have pasted the chat logs bellow so you can see my unfair chat restriction. If i was insulting people i would just take the punishment and move on, but i can't stress enough how much of an injustice this is, i would love that the chat from the people insulting me would also be shown, but their chat is not sent to me, only my text, which if read alone it can be taken out of context.. So please keep in mind that I was being insulted by these players for having a bad laning phase. You can see in these chat logs that i am asking them to stop flaming me, i had a bad game where i lost my lane and that was their reason for reporting me, so how i can be punished for having a bad laning phase? Game 1 and 2 have CERO reasons for my restriction.. game 3 however i agree that i was already irritated by all these people insulting me, specially that one Rakkan player i refer to that was insulting me since the lobby and i just couldn't take it anymore, i had to defend myself, he literally insulted me the whole game nonstop and just because he has a premade i get reported. PS: I am not asking for people to agree with me nor a reduction in the chat restriction, i am simply sharing my experience with this broken system that punishes unfairly. Game 1 Ivalme: muted Ivalme: oh god why is this game filled with players liek amumu, he chases yall to death i ping him to stop 20 times and then he flames me after and asks to report me :/ Ivalme: bot be safe i gank Ivalme: dont make ti obvious Ivalme: dive? Ivalme: You guys see us at dragon, why engage? explain your logic pls, so i know how to gank you guys later Ivalme: reported for what amumu? :/ Ivalme: i never flamed you, you keep flaming me, how am i being toxic? :/ Ivalme: ow mumu Ivalme: ok Ivalme: mb Ivalme: pls report amumu flaming everyone since the start :/ Ivalme: and this is why ppl get stuck in lwo elo ^^ Ivalme: he keeps asking to report everyone that dies, but yet he keeps dying, pls report this kid Ivalme: amumu after you get this restriction, pls dont be so toxic ingame dude, you will win more that way Ivalme: the game is lost Ivalme: wp report mumu Game 2 Ivalme: ^^ Ivalme: ty yi Ivalme: you give him kill Ivalme: and now he is 6 before me Ivalme: first blood worth it tho! :D Ivalme: how fun heh Ivalme: typical yi player, shouldve just banned that champ Ivalme: yeah you are muted too Ivalme: he will ulti and kil me again Ivalme: DONT Ivalme: pls report yi, he keeps flaming me nonstop Ivalme: he tries to gank me at 30% hp and then flames me when i tell him not to Ivalme: he gives you kill and then flames me for it, typical yi Ivalme: both? i destroy u in lane if not for that kill kido Ivalme: now im gonna go trihard Ivalme: pls other peopel feed u and now u wanna act mighty Ivalme: the red buff was not to win lane it was to mess with jung Ivalme: and i did not even get lvl 2, so what r u blabbling about Ivalme: ez Ivalme: keep track of his shadow maybe? Game 3 Ivalme: ward Ivalme: gj Ivalme: WAIT Ivalme: yups its a rap Ivalme: typical low elo noob, flames Ivalme: and ekko joins in, another low elo kido tilting Ivalme: he was mid and i called SS Ivalme: ?? Ivalme: ????????? Ivalme: omg pls report rakkan so toxic, nonstop flame for the past 15min Ivalme: they are premade.. they both flame me Ivalme: muting everyone Ivalme: drake more importan t Ivalme: ggwp Ivalme: report rakkan for constant flame pls
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