'/fullmute all' before the game risking a reduced winning chance in order to truly enjoy LOL

Change my mind This is the best solution. In the champ select screen tell your teammates you're fullmuting them all and tell them to let you know if they want to be unmuted. Those who ask you to unmute you will probably be a positive and construtive player. Those who did not respond will proablably be toxic. No rational behind this it's just a hunch. Oh well, I'm in a lower silver elo, and at this level i feel that you get more injured for trying to communicate with your team. This game requires a lot of cooperation in a pro level, of course!, But requires a lot of using your own discretion and ignoring your teammates in a pleb level. A below-average level (or average) gameplay involves more of... yeah, it's more about winning laning phase and winning jungle v jungle. Change my mind.
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