League of Legends has taught me how to swear, be toxic, and never to be understanding to others.

The anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in us and what better place that League low elo games. Of course Diamond moderators will tell us all to act like Jesus and do our best.......... Even as I type this, it's 1 min into game and my team has 1 Disconnect (Urgot top connected but in base so no remake), and one person dead. The last ranked game I played last season was with a smurf who picked Tahm with smite and followed my Xin into the jungle, he'd eat me then smite the creeps, then last hit all my creeps till we lost. I sent him a friend request and asked why de was losing all his games. He told me no particular reason, he's a happy guy, has a girlfriend and goes to Uni. Let me guess what people are going to say...... "Just get better, farm more, and die less and everything will be ok" ....... or the usual passive toxicity in these forums. Like or hate my commend, I dont care
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