Yuumi is not a solo laner

To the Silver Yuumi OTP I was in a ranked draft with last night: If you don't like supporting random ADC's, find a duo partner or pick a different champion to one trick. Yuumi is not a solo laner. Do not ask your jungler to clear double buffs with you then go lane with you in top. That sacrifices an immense amount of pressure all over the map as well as neutral objective control. Do not take smite and ignite. Do not wait until after first picking Yuumi top to ask your team if it is ok. By doing so you are holding the entire draft hostage and forcing players to try and accomodate your selfish pick/playstyle. Thank you for forcing me to queue dodge and forfeit my series so my other teammates aren't also sacrificing their lp. If you really, truly want to take a kitty up to top lane, I highly recommend Rengar.
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