CONFUSED - Unjustifiable ban

I need some assistance for my situation.. I am in fact permanently banned. Yes, you will say you had multiple opportunities and warnings before you got perma banned. YES , that is correct. I did, and I did learn from them, and did learn that riot wont accept any toxic behavior. But I wasn't toxic in this permanent ban? I was if anything , respectful, and I was honored by the other three players! So someone read my game chat below, and please help me to understand where I broke any code of conduct? Here is the code "v. Transmitting or communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of Riot Games, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable;" I do not believe I violated this code.. At all :/ and if it is at the discretion of Riot Games, am I at all entitled to state my case and get my account reinstated? :( (PS. the slave to riot part was a joke, I really hope they dont take that to personal :P It's only because how addicting the game is. A compliment if anything.) Game 1 Magmare: Ali why so toxic today brotha? Magmare: sun is out, you have a free life and can play games Magmare: be happy my man Magmare: You're slave to riot Magmare: but u asked for that Magmare: gj dog Magmare: ez pz Magmare: same Magmare: me toop Magmare: ;) Magmare: yeah, that went really wlel Magmare: farm by 10 too, lets keep it up Magmare: laggg Magmare: lnao... lots of feeding going on Magmare: literally just sit under your towers eveyrone Magmare: dont leave them Magmare: i lagged Magmare: right Magmare: gj twitch Magmare: gj umu Magmare: yeaa gj twitch Magmare: cause ur a fool Magmare: a toxic fool Magmare: lol Magmare: why?? Magmare: how is that possible? Magmare: that sbs Magmare: like wtf Magmare: wow Magmare: wow Magmare: good feeding Magmare: so upset.. Magmare: my comp rips his ass holle Magmare: ori Magmare: pleas STOP Magmare: contest drag Magmare: chasing and leaving you adc Magmare: will lose you the game Magmare: not might, it will Magmare: ali, you dont leave my side Magmare: be my support Magmare: so i can carry us Magmare: its done lagging Magmare: dont leaveme Magmare: yessir Magmare: repport ori Magmare: im so mad Magmare: ori wtf Magmare: i think its the server Magmare: gj Magmare: HIT HIM Magmare: jesus Magmare: and the most useless id Magmare: ff please Magmare: ali, why are you targetting me? Magmare: dove by 4? Magmare: throw? Magmare: sorry ali, but i will be reporting your behaviour Magmare: its not acceptable Magmare: and you're useless, but i kept it to myself Magmare: lol Magmare: you havent done a thing for the team Magmare: noob ali Magmare: ur a thug bruh Magmare: Ali , that was a poorly played game man Magmare: not acceptable Magmare: You did nothing Magmare: it was a very low performing game Magmare: you need to work on ali alot Magmare: you posed no purpose or threat, Magmare: very poorly played Magmare: I bet Magmare: not with ali though Magmare: You need to relaly practice the alig ame Magmare: i believe you Magmare: i just said not with ali Magmare: lol Magmare: it was frankly, sad Magmare: Im commenting on your "plat" play bro Magmare: I bet dude, i would of carried if youd been a suppo4rt Magmare: i cant play ez solo, need a sup buddy Magmare: its an important factor to the game Magmare: basically, a support is there to supplement the ADC Magmare: do you understsnad what supplement means? Magmare: im asking Magmare: do you understnad? Magmare: LOl dude, relax Magmare: im asking Magmare: You are so bloody toxic Magmare: i am not, im posing a question because you didnt show any signs to have the knowledge Magmare: bro Magmare: see.hitting him at me Magmare: doesnt get me the kill Magmare: why u trying put him next to me? Magmare: your whole purpose to to protect me! Magmare: supplement the adc brotha Magmare: you hit him at me,, dude Magmare: pleaes support Magmare: Oh my goodness.... Magmare: youre attitude is unacceptable. i will be reported Magmare: I got killed by braum and ali? Magmare: again, ypou need to supplement the adc bro
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