why is this game so bad

how come when someone hard ints and u report them and then u get them next game. this stuff shouldnt be happening as time goes on riot seems to care less and less about their actual players and more about the amount of people playing. 9 out of 10 games im intted i get sometimes its someone haveing a bad game but when someone is 0/12 and they say a key words like oops, mb, or im not trying to int riot wipes their slate clean. no one who says their trying couldnt be intting they tell them selves. but that shouldnt be the case in ranked. i dont get why riot doesnt fix their system. its really not hard. but they want to keep the kids happy. its a game after all if someone want to waste an hour of everyones time so be it. the people that enjoy the actual content of the game can just sit through hours of kids just having fun in a ranked system. because riot cares more about their numbers then the quality of game people are having they wont bar ranked which they should for people who play poorly. u had a bad game and caused ur team to lose? well thats really too bad go think about it in the next 10 mandatory norm games for feeding. fix the player base and the game loses most of its problems. keep whining children in the ranked format and the game will die. but why listen to what some whining child says about their game thats raking in the money. he just plays it everyday, y listen to him when we have all this money
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