@RIOT Another Post about needing some compensation for AFKS and Trolls ruining ranked matches.

Hello guys. Before I get into this, I know very well that this has been posted many times already. However recently, I have been playing Ranked Games, wanting to rank up on the ladder. I have spent a lot of time working on practicing and getting better at the game. However, I have been suffering greatly from Trolls and AFKS in games. Just my last match, I had a {{champion:8}} who got mid. However, upon entering the game, he went top. Sat there and died to the enemy {{champion:111}} 5 times. Once he died 5 times, he left the game and never came back. This Naut had an open top, killed the tower, I tried my best to stop him, but he roamed across the map and got his team fed. Meanwhile this person at most probably gets only a warning, or a low priority queue. This happens _too much_ in Ranked. As a result of this happening, we lose LP completely unfairly and we don't get any compensation. Why are these people who are best classified as the "Scum" of League of Legends, not dropped of a lot of LP, then the rest of the team gets a Loss Prevented? This is already a THING in the game! Loss Prevented stops the LP loss, and doesn't count as a loss, at all. But why does this not happen with an AFK? I do understand trolls are harder to catch, but if Riot catches a troll, then why don't they reimburse the LP loss after the fact? It is a simple concept, it is unfair and stupid that this happens _at all_. This really takes a lot from the experience of the game and needs some serious help @RIOTLYTE PLEASE HELP. {{item:3070}}
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