Well, this game has finally turned me into a toxic piece of shit, so I'm done playing forever.

https://i.imgur.com/gIq7Omg.png I got so tilted from the remake system being utter bullshit. It lets your teammate reconnect at 2:50 mark, a full 1:30 after minions spawn, so he was 3 levels behind, and died to Talon immediately when he got to lane. After that, talon bought a tiamate and proxy'd him to his tower as he was level 2 and Talon was level 7, further on their jungler took all of my top side jungle and continued killing my shen over and over again. I said "I'm not fucking playing this game because Riot won't let us remake before minions spawn for some r%%%%%ed reason", and I afk farmed for the rest of the game. The other game that triggered my permaban was souly on the fact that the Riot ranked matchmaking queue'd me with a bronze fucking 1 player, and me being diamond 5. Of course, I'm going to be annoyed because once again, Riots system is flawed. I'm not justifying that it is ok for me to flame the Malzahar who first item'd a spellbinder and kept spamming "it's just a game who cares", all I'm saying is I'm only toxic due to bullshit mechanics like this. I've been playing this game since season 2, and I have never ever been permabanned. This game, community, and all around Riot's decisions are just too toxic for me. It's made me into a toxic person myself, and I'm not proud of it at all. I'm sorry to anyone that I may of upset due to just frustration via bullshit, and I'm not asking for an unban. Farewell guys -Riyo
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