I need some help with giving constructive critisizm (Wall of Text, sorry!)

Hi guys, Hensetsu again! I need your help with something. What techniques/tactics do you guys implement to give constructive critisizm in game. It feels like some players are perfectly open to it whilst others will bite my head off for even a suggestion. Here's how I try to give constructive critisizm in game: Me: "Hey man I play a ton of X champion too! I've been trying X item which is really nice with the new buffs" "I think that it's a decent item if you'd like to try it" Teammate: "Stfu, you're dumb, you don't know anything" I usually try to give a suggestion along with my reasoning behind it. I don't try to attack people or make them feel small, I just want to offer my thoughts on what I think might help them have a better game. For instance, there are also many games where my team needs to group so I'll say Me: "Guys I think we should group, we seem to be struggling with splitpushing and we can combo our ultimates together!" My team may then continue to splitpush and die, and I'll keep trying to communicate in the best way I can but I often feel like I just hit a brick wall. I guess what I'm really asking is a two part question: Is my method for giving critisizm unreasonable or faulty in some way? If so, how? Do I value my opinion too much? If so, should I just play my game and leave my teammates to do whatever they want?
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