Instant permanent ban

Alright I already know this is gonna get down voted like crazy but I'm asking riot to hear me out as I've put in a support ticket already, which is as follows: Around a month ago I was given a false ban for two weeks that I contacted you about and the issue was resolved. The ban was revoked on day 1 so I never had a two week ban. Recently, I had bad luck in my match's with team mates who were giving up, and I frustratingly was toxic towards them which I own up to being wrong and accept punishment. However, I was given a permanent ban on my account, whereas others would usually get a two week ban when punishments are followed in order. I have proof that I was never given the 2 week ban from emails and I want to know why my account is being permanently banned instead of given a 2 week ban as warning. Ive read about other people's experience with this ban tier order and it is unfair that I get permanently banned on my account that ive spent so much time and money into when others get a two week ban first. I'd like to discuss a way to change my ban to a two week rather than permanent as I'd be devastated to lose my account that ive sunk so much of my life into. I'm not asking for my account back, I'm saying that an error has been made by giving me a permanent ban instead of a 2 week ban and praying that you will give me the 2 week instead. TLDR: I was toxic and deserve a punishment which ill own up to, but how is it fair that other players are given a 2 week whereas they instantly jump to a permanent ban on me.
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