Wrongfully Banned

My name is Stephanie, and I am a support main who has been playing League since about season 1. IGN: loveroo I am involved in Facebook groups about League, and we often have in-house games together. This weekend, I was playing in one of these in-houses. During the last game I played, my client was acting really buggy. My ping was fine, but my friend suggested trying to lower the graphics of the game to see if it helped. No matter what I did, nothing seemed to fix the client. It was very laggy, and sound was stuttering. I had no programs open besides League. Not even a voice comm. I never have problems playing. I decided to restart my pc. Once I tried to log back onto League, I was met with a perma-ban for scripting. Mind you, I barely can use Skype. I am probably the most technology impaired gamer you will ever meet. I play champions like Nami, Janna, and Zyra. I am in Gold 4, and pride myself on being one of the least toxic people I know of in the community. I emailed Riot, assuring them that this was a mistake. The email I got back was a very generic response saying: Hey there, I'm ****** and I'm part of the Riot Support team. Our system has accurate evidence that your account was in violation of our Terms of Use due to the usage of scripts, hacks, exploits or unauthorized third-party programs in the game. After I double checked your account, it doesn't look like this was a mistake. For security purposes on our investigative methods, I will not be sharing more detailed evidence or specific details. We will not be lifting the ban on this account under any circumstances. I then messaged him back. Told him that this is clearly a mistake, and automated. That I have never done anything, let alone have the know-how to perform any violations as such. This was my next reply: Hello, In situations like this, we only take action against accounts when we are absolutely sure of our evidence. We also personally review every case like this to make sure that we haven't made any sort of error and I personally looked into this situation. I understand that this isn't the answer you're looking for but given the evidence we have, we can't justify lifting the suspension on this account. I absolutely, 100%, have NEVER EVER violated any terms of service. When I am running League, the only thing I ever have up is Facebook. Sometimes. I don't usually use voice comms. I dont know code or html. I dont evne fully understand what scripting is. I know it has to do with cheating/skill shots/dodging. I do not understand how there can be any evidence against me when I have never had an affiliation with this type of thing. Please help.
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