So just got an automatic permaban.

Alright so other than specifically for my case (I'll post all my toxicity logs at the end) I also would like to hear people's opinions on these 4 points I'll make. 1st reason why I think the current ban system is flawled/wrong. I've been banned 3 times, I don't even remember when the past 2 were (something like 2014 and 2015) but what I do remember is that all 3 times my match history [looked like this]( and these are the only 3 times I managed to have such a huge losing spree. Which means you are more likely to get banned for having some bad matches since everyone tends to report their team when they lose. (Because 99% of the people don't understand the meaning of the word **INTENTIONAL** feeding) 2nd reason. In short you have 2 bans and then 3rd is permaban. Someone who started in 2019 has 2 chances. I who started in 2010 also have 2 chances, there's never a reset counter. It would make sense that every 2 years or so you get back to step 1 or 1 step back or that at most you get a 3-6 month ban instead of a permanent one because honestly even if you flame 3 times and deserve any kind of penalty but that's in a 9 years timeframe then getting a permaban is stupid imo. Think about it, flaming 3 times in 100 games gives you the same penalty as flaming 3 times in 40000 games which like I said is stupid. 3rd reason. I was under the impression this is not true but apparently the system is automated. Client says "a player triggered a review" but on the chat logs of the 3 games that apparently someone "reviewed" was the last match I had, the match that ended 5seconds before I got the permaban which obviously means that it's what triggered it and obviously nobody reviewed at all, so combining that with reason #1 if you're unlucky and have a bad lose streak you may automatically get banned. 4th reason. Ok this is the only controversial one, people say that what others tell you doesn't mean you have the right to flame and I disagree. Sure if somebody says "omg noob, why you bought the xxxx item?" and you reply "fuck off" it's pretty toxic. But if somebody says "dude you're such a noob, I hope your house burns down and your whole family dies" and then you also reply "fuck off" then it's more justified, but thing is when people review your chat they review ONLY YOUR chat, they have no idea what you reply to, they simply see you saying "fuck off" and determine you're the toxic one. (And yes btw somebody did tell me the line about wishing my family to die in one of the games on my report card). Also even if you disagree with this there's still a very valid point on why the whole chat should be available and that's because you can easily get stuff out of context. Imagine an aram match and somebody says to go feed a specific poro to make it bigger, then you're in base and you reply "I'm coming to feed", this is the only thing the reviewers see and I'm pretty sure they'll immediately assume that you said that in allchat to the enemy team. My report card proves exactly my point #4. This is the 3rd game I got reported for **(bolded some lines which would be the only relevant ones or the ones I'm being toxic if you want to skip to those)** Game 3 In-Game Nergál: i killed morg? **Nergál: wtf u want me to do Nergál: to do fucking what (support flaming because I didn't help him when enemy jungler ganked bot, i killed enemy support and escaped while the ganker was focusing on my support so because I decided to kill the enemy one instead of protecting mine he got pretty mad and was flaming me)** Nergál: lee would go back Nergál: no way i'd kill him Nergál: and i was out of range Nergál: by the time i attack lee both would be over Nergál: then it would be me autoattacking Nergál: anyway **Nergál: stfu** Nergál: for real **Nergál: im tired of everyone crying like a bitch (support still flaming for that gank)** Nergál: im 2/0/1 Nergál: you still cant shut up Nergál: ye i see Nergál: u want me to go on the fed target Nergál: to feed him more Nergál: exactly **Nergál: min20 u get your report then** (support said in chat in about 12:00 how he's tired of this game and that if we press no on ff at 20min he will go afk then) Nergál: WHAT? Nergál: u started flaming me Nergál: when lee ganked Nergál: i killed morg Nergál: u died from lee Nergál: u started flame Nergál: and now u're gonna play the victim **Nergál: fuck off (as you can see I hardly said anything since what happened at that 1st gank in early game, this was a response to my support saying "report Nergál for flaming" as the game was about to be over)** Post-Game **Nergál: thanks for admitting a few times u plan to go afk lux Nergál: makes banning u easier (oh the irony, so the guy who was flaming nonstop all game, went afk and even admitted in chat of doing so is out there while I got banned cause of him for saying shut up a couple of times and a single fuck off as a response to his flaming)** **Game 1 (this is the game that triggered the permaban and it happened instantly when game ended so nobody reviewed it for sure)** In-Game Nergál: nah just report her (so this one was an obvious joke, lux came online at 1:20 and said "lets remake lux is offline" (talking about herself) so I replied as a joke to report lux for being offline which was clearly a joke since I said it to lux herself that was online...can easily get this out of context and think I'm toxic and asking to report someone straight off) **Nergál: great help btw kaisa (eh very minor toxicity, no excuse but adc was chatting with lux and didn't realize buff spawned and lux was still in base since she just logged in so I ended up doing it solo)** Nergál: how about now? **Nergál: 10times as toxic as me Nergál: and 10 times more noob Nergál: yet so mad (after I said the "great help btw kaisa" line, kaisa replied "go fuck yourself stupid %%%% I'm a smurf, reported for flaming" then at lvl 1-2 they got first blood on her, that's why I called her more toxic+noob, and I stand by what I said if somebody tell me to go fuck myself my reply that he's a noob should mean absolutely nothing)** **Nergál: sorry but why the hell was leona camping there lol (leona is an enemy btw...I was heading for a gank and she was waiting in a weird bush for no reason, can easily get this out of context and think I'm flaming a teammate if you don't know leona%%%%'t in my team)** **Nergál: for what? Nergál: clearly not intentional Nergál: but u can report kaisa for flaming (kaisa asked to report me in allchat for doing a stupid gank, i admit the gank was bad but clearly not intentional even the enemies said that to her, and also she insulted me in the same sentence that she asked them to report me which is why i said to report her for flaming instead)** **Nergál: see how nice it is when u shut up kaisa? (at this point i was 5/2, kaisa got 2 doublekills from ganks i did and yes I could say it in a nicer way but still this is again minor and not permaban worthy imo) **Nergál: sigh shut up for real Nergál: he flashed Nergál: when i was midjump on my ult Nergál: and avoided the dmg (kaisa started flaming me again for suiciding, i was jarvan and flash+R on a 20 hp lee sin who managed to flash when I was midair and avoid the dmg and rest of the team killing me in return)** **Nergál: HOW TO GO TANKY Nergál: WHEN I DONT FARM Nergál: BECAUSE THEY ARE PUSHING US TO THE BASE Nergál: I DIDNT FuCKING FEED (still flaming me nonstop and asking me to buy tanky items and spamming to report me for intentionally feed....)** **Nergál: if all of you would shut up Nergál: instead of blame everything on someone (whole team flames each other pretty much at this point, somebody blamed someone else in this case and not me)** Game2 Won't link the chat because it's in Greek so most won't be able to read it but I fully admit on this one I was toxic. Only thing I can say in my defense is that 1) the person I was flaming was the one I mentioned above that mentioned how my whole family should die and I replied back (didn't say anything as harsh but yes I was very toxic myself after reading that) and 2) I haven't flamed that bad in any game literally for years so snapping once in a game every few years means I'll eventually get permabanned when it happens for the 3rd time? This is why like I said there should be a reset to the penalty you receive. Honestly I'm not even sure what I want to get out of this, I know I wont be unbanned (which made me pretty sad since I played since beta and this was an account that had many many legacy/rare skins+icons like the one you get for buying the rare physical copy of the game and overall would be worth thousands of euros).
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