14 day suspension no warning?

Hey guys so I just recently got a 2 week ban, and I just don’t understand why. I was toxic yes, I admit to that, but not like that toxic, I didn’t use any racial slurs, I didn’t say any really hurtful words, I gave some advice that you could say was toxic, but I really meant it as advice. Yea there’s some toxic ness but most of it wasn’t toxic! I haven’t received any other restriction on my account! Here are the logs Pre Game Lobby: Tinyk: im yas or teemo Tinyk: uum Tinyk: what Tinyk: what Tinyk: what Tinyk: why did u do tat Tinyk: why Tinyk: omg Tinyk: i dont have another adc Tinyk: top took it Tinyk: what Tinyk: .... Tinyk: gg Tinyk: no Tinyk: i play yas. Tinyk: youre gettign reported Tinyk: yes it is Tinyk: ive asked in a ticket Tinyk: its bm In Game: Tinyk: like im actually screwed bc of u Tinyk: no i dont know how to play mid Tinyk: i know how to play yasuo Tinyk: im a one trick Tinyk: i mian yasuo Tinyk: yes Tinyk: im smurfing Tinyk: im plat 3 Tinyk: i dont play mid Tinyk: im a top and bot main Tinyk: yes.. Tinyk: i dont play yas mid Tinyk: i play yas bot Tinyk: yes. Tinyk: yas is better bot than mid Tinyk: bot mf flash Tinyk: this mf morg? Tinyk: 10 cs op Tinyk: teemo have u tried DH with him Tinyk: its super op Tinyk: lululu Tinyk: morg Tinyk: go in Tinyk: go go Tinyk: bad idea Tinyk: ew Tinyk: sorry Tinyk: thought we won that Tinyk: gg Tinyk: dont EVER gank Tinyk: takes teemo.. Tinyk: why u gotta take teeemoo Tinyk: graves come Tinyk: GOD CAN U COME TO BOT Tinyk: hes trolling [All]Tinyk: Report graves [All]Tinyk: bans champ in select, doesnt come bot wont help team Tinyk: i cant midlane [All]Tinyk: no! [All]Tinyk: gg [All]Tinyk: report graves for trolling [All]Tinyk: As long as u report graves Tinyk: wait [All]Tinyk: why report him [All]Tinyk: ik Tinyk: mord what do u expect Tinyk: not when all my picks were taken Tinyk: yes sir! Tinyk: legit all my pciks either banned or taken Tinyk: two of them by my own team Tinyk: 1 of them by theirs Tinyk: u legit inted Tinyk: so pls dont talk Tinyk: nahh Tinyk: u werent [All]Tinyk: how many gankks did u do ? [All]Tinyk: i forgot how many tell em [All]Tinyk: 0 [All]Tinyk: says the one that banned my champ [All]Tinyk: god. [All]Tinyk: cant wait till the fix placements and i get placed in gold 2 [All]Tinyk: thats a crazy build neekoo Tinyk: yikes [All]Tinyk: gg, Tinyk: thanks for bannig yas btw Tinyk: really helped Game 2943903565: Pre Game Lobby: Tinyk: on the grind Tinyk: from plat 3 Tinyk: to perm ban Tinyk: TO IRON 1 Tinyk: happy new year Tinyk: COME ONNNN Tinyk: do i go first time or no Tinyk: no Tinyk: gg we win Tinyk: i used to main lux Tinyk: 700k masteries Tinyk: nvm we lost In Game: Tinyk: yse Tinyk: 100% Tinyk: we got this Tinyk: gj jhin Tinyk: god Tinyk: rammus bot side Tinyk: cmon dude Tinyk: if u got of the chickes right away Tinyk: id survive Tinyk: jh Tinyk: jhin u have no room to talk Tinyk: none Tinyk: u didnt invade Tinyk: getting camped Tinyk: getting camped [All]Tinyk: go to a fucking differnet lane Tinyk: are u going to help Tinyk: ive gotten ganked 5 times in 10 minutes Tinyk: maybe gank so theyre Tinyk: w [All]Tinyk: oh my god Tinyk: bto ff Tinyk: 15 Tinyk: no way were winning Tinyk: mid does not need help nov Tinyk: no help needed Tinyk: cant help that thir jg wont leave my lane [All]Tinyk: so ez omg [All]Tinyk: its like rammus wasnt there [All]Tinyk: im a smurf [All]Tinyk: the placements are broken [All]Tinyk: got 8-2 and got placed iron Tinyk: pls Tinyk: god who said no [All]Tinyk: this rammus [All]Tinyk: why do i never get the jgs that camp my lane [All]Tinyk: actually i got it one time and i felt bad [All]Tinyk: kass [All]Tinyk: he sits in the bush for 2 minutes for u Tinyk: u never came to lane [All]Tinyk: gg Tinyk: im not toic at all [All]Tinyk: lol im not toxic [All]Tinyk: i asked him to gank [All]Tinyk: youre mean [All]Tinyk: no idk how to ward [All]Tinyk: my button is low key broken [All]Tinyk: Rammmus [All]Tinyk: god [All]Tinyk: you ruin fun [All]Tinyk: ggwp Game 2944510396: Pre Game Lobby: Tinyk: c a n we Tinyk: WIN YEEAAAA WE ONNA WINNN Tinyk: top ad jg Tinyk: dont lock in right away Tinyk: oook In Game: Tinyk: xin u starting red/ Tinyk: oof Tinyk: np Tinyk: light leash Tinyk: yikes Tinyk: xin Tinyk: this raka baited me Tinyk: she said behind u Tinyk: and i got freaked so i ran waya Tinyk: but i saw u earlier Tinyk: kahz bot side Tinyk: ?!?!?!?! Tinyk: neeko Tinyk: MIA Tinyk: ? Tinyk: xin Tinyk: your botlane neesd help Tinyk: xin Tinyk: XIN Tinyk: USE YOURE HEAD Tinyk: KILL THE MINION Tinyk: NOT SIT THERE Tinyk: AND LET HER TAKE TOWER Tinyk: CMONNNNNNNM Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: W Tinyk: ??? Tinyk: EXACTLY Tinyk: u had w Tinyk: and didnt use it Tinyk: improve on your msitake Tinyk: wtf Tinyk: i was spamming ult Tinyk: i get clapped in lane bc u give me a visit Tinyk: one visit Tinyk: bc im against a range vs melee Tinyk: yes he did Tinyk: yas ad is meta Tinyk: s tier Tinyk: and btter than mid Tinyk: god low elos kill me Tinyk: report this guy Tinyk: ty Tinyk: muting all except voli [All]Tinyk: just unlocked my all chat for this [All]Tinyk: please report xin [All]Tinyk: non stop berrating and toxic msgs all game [All]Tinyk: cya Tinyk: god the difference Tinyk: im trying Tinyk: my hardest Tinyk: bro Tinyk: im actually tillted Tinyk: he he had one health Tinyk: yea Tinyk: i was getting red Tinyk: we need raka alive Tinyk: and we need to kill khaz and ez Tinyk: after that we win Tinyk: try to engage if i hit my nado on either Tinyk: was not my fualt
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