After an extensive investigation, this account has been detected as having been leveled by botting.

Ok, so I'm kind of new to League of Legends... and last night I received an email stating "After an extensive investigation, this account has been detected as having been leveled by botting. This behavior is something that is usually associated with account sales and the use of third party programs, both of which are severe violations of our Terms of Use. Because of this, your account has been permanently suspended." I have not bought nor sold any account, and have never used any 3rd party programs. I am a casual player (around level 30 something), not competitive - so losing the account isn't like catastrophic or anything (I mean, I’m still learning the finer points of game play), however, now I am concerned that my account was hacked or malware or something else is going on. I'm worried about the integrity/safety of the account information. I have utilized the link provided in the email to contact riot for more information. Soooo, approximately, how long is the response time for Riot Support? How common is it to be “permanently suspended”? The only unusual activity that I can think of, was a while ago, I ‘created’ a pvp summoners rift game and sent an invitation to a friend. We waited in queue like normal and played a few games. We commented that it was kind of odd that the wait time was really short and game play was really quiet. No one called lanes and all the players had the same spells and stuff. No jungler and no in game chatting or pinging. At first we thought, well, it’s random and maybe they were just new/quiet players and respected that. Then after second game, thought maybe riot was filling the queue with bots or something to avoid long wait times (it was the beginning of new season and I’m kinda new, so I didn’t really know what to expect…). Didn’t think much about it, since we didn’t do anything different for those games than any other game we played. Could that be a part of why I was perma-banned? If so, how do I avoid that in the future (since I didn’t do anything different in previous games)? How can I check to see if there is some “other” issue with my account (idk malware/hacked/etc), since I can't even log in? And what is the usual Response time for Riot Support? Thanks
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