Riot can you please ban toxic players?

* I made discussion yesterday about me getting chat restriction but the guy that said to me I am autistic and r%%%%%ed wasn't banned (maybe he got cr like me). I get it he wrote it once and maybe you should give him a chance. But a game after that I got in team with 3 dia 1 players and they were really really toxic. They called me names and stuff like that and we where actually winning the game I was winning lane,every lane won and we got that game. But 3 of them (probbably premades) where so toxic to me. Post game in lobby this Irelia told me to go and hang myself and "cys" which we all know what means when we put a "k". They like told me to kill myself several times, called me r%%%%%ed, and none of them%%%%%'t got banned. I had 3 accounts perma banned and 14 day bans for only once saying "kys" . Why didn't those people got banned? Game was yesterday and today i checked their op gg and they like played 10 games today. I mean either you ban all toxic players or don't ban anyone. I have been there and I reformed 7 months ago. I got chat restriction for saying to a guy that he is pathetic and "stfu dog" which is a bad thing and I deserved chat restriction. Saying "dude you are pathetic" and "stfu dog" is chat restriction than "go hang yourself idiot" several times should not be CR it should be ban like straight 14 day ban. So I think riot should invest more time in toxic players,have people that check games or whatever. This just cannot go on like this.
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