Had a teammate I wish more people were like

Hey there! So a few days ago I was solo'd in a ranked game. Now, I'm certainly not the best league player and I'm defidently not that experienced so theres still some tricks and stuff I'm unaware of. I'm also pretty low elo. Anyhoo, I get into a game as Soraka (shes my main^^) and I got into a game with an Ashe. And this ashe player was one of the most patient players I've played with. At this time most players would get mad at me and tilt, but this ashe took time in game to actually give me hints and tips and how to play support. (Items to buy, where to ward, general tips etc etc) and I have to say it's one of the most helpful players I've ever played with, and I'd say my support game has certainly improved from it. Now of course not everyone can be like this, but I'm just saying I do beleive more people should try. Instead of blindly flaming teammates, it's always more handy to just tell them (politely) what they're doing wrong and just giving them tips in the game. And trust me, itll gain that persons respect and most likely make coordinating much easiar later. And at the end of the day, typing advice and helping them improve takes just as much time as typing pure negativity does^^
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