Incoming Scripting Suspensions

Heya dudes, This is just a heads up that we’re executing a fairly massive banwave on a good majority (all) of cheaters today. I know we’re normally pretty silent about this type of thing (gotta keep our enemies in the dark), but seeing as how it’s probably the 3rd largest salt mine I’ve ever excavated, I figured we’d give a little advanced notification. I’d also like to cunningly make use of everyone’s eyeballs as a [reminder]( that we’re definitely not into applications that provide measurable player advantage. The cheating we’re targeting here is primarily comprised of modifications that take actions on your behalf (affectionately called scripting), and that’s our least favorite type of mojo. It’s probably been said before, but this is meant to be a fair videogame and you shouldn’t ever have to go digging for add-ons just to stay competitive. We've got a lot of work to do in preventing this behavior from occurring in the first place, but rest assured, the banhammer won't stop swinging until the message really sinks in. TL;DR - Bans for days. Stop scripting. Thanks!

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