Permanent ban? 1-100 how toxic was I?

My account..and for normals games. RIP Game 1 DownyAspergers: bot froze by me DownyAspergers: break freeze DownyAspergers: best supp DownyAspergers: thanks for breaking the freeze DownyAspergers: making it push out DownyAspergers: you boosted animal DownyAspergers: you put the lane in a spot where we die DownyAspergers: fucking idiot DownyAspergers: you used targons at full health and also broke freeze DownyAspergers: why are you using it on full health?? DownyAspergers: i pinged you away from the wave DownyAspergers: you hit it with targons DownyAspergers: and broke freeze DownyAspergers: with no flash DownyAspergers: fucking idiot DownyAspergers: yes DownyAspergers: you shouldnt have used it DownyAspergers: it was fucking terrible for us DownyAspergers: yes DownyAspergers: you executed 2 minions DownyAspergers: and pushed it out DownyAspergers: broke the freeze i took minion aggro for DownyAspergers: fucking idiot DownyAspergers: its not 2 cs DownyAspergers: its youre a fucking idiot DownyAspergers: you forced me to move up DownyAspergers: i pinged you off the minions DownyAspergers: are you trolling??? DownyAspergers: you push bot wave and then leave it before turret??? DownyAspergers: play your champ and block the feathers DownyAspergers: fucking noob DownyAspergers: fucking hate normals DownyAspergers: did you que for support???? DownyAspergers: god youre shit DownyAspergers: braum did you que for support? DownyAspergers: i asked if you qued for support DownyAspergers: not if you qued into a safe space DownyAspergers: sorry DownyAspergers: i didnt expect you to misplay early so hard DownyAspergers: i forget im in cancer norms DownyAspergers: you not only misplayed level 1 DownyAspergers: but you broke the freeze i pinged you off of with our flashes down DownyAspergers: and ruined the lane completely DownyAspergers: you dont even understand what you did DownyAspergers: yes it is DownyAspergers: lol DownyAspergers: next time you try and play support DownyAspergers: dont touch it DownyAspergers: get good kid DownyAspergers: lol DownyAspergers: hope you enjoy playing with these players your whole life DownyAspergers: is there any champ you could beat me on? DownyAspergers: is there any lane you could beat me in? DownyAspergers: its a team game and you went out of your way to fuck me DownyAspergers: no im trying my best DownyAspergers: vote yes DownyAspergers: next game DownyAspergers: no bad braum DownyAspergers: lol DownyAspergers: waaaaah DownyAspergers: thats berating DownyAspergers: toxic DownyAspergers: waaaah DownyAspergers: waaaah DownyAspergers: good game DownyAspergers: cry Game 2 DownyAspergers: youre down by 40 DownyAspergers: 50 DownyAspergers: youre done DownyAspergers: why ping lee lmao DownyAspergers: bot shit pressure DownyAspergers: play vs bots learn your abilities DownyAspergers: fucking kill yourself trist DownyAspergers: lmao you lost so fucking hard DownyAspergers: fucking trash bot lane DownyAspergers: fuck you trist DownyAspergers: trash trist ff DownyAspergers: lmao DownyAspergers: sorry i forget only down syndrome kids play normals DownyAspergers: me neither DownyAspergers: me neither DownyAspergers: ya DownyAspergers: sorry DownyAspergers: if you guys want a nice competetive game DownyAspergers: add me after i'll invite decent players Game 3 DownyAspergers: fucking darius bard afk in base DownyAspergers: piece of shit DownyAspergers: dumb bitch DownyAspergers: fuck you guys suck DownyAspergers: bard you actually fucked my ult and stun over with your ult DownyAspergers: you dont know how to bard DownyAspergers: oh shit you cant handle 4v1? DownyAspergers: god you guys suck DownyAspergers: you built the most trash items you could DownyAspergers: you do negative damage DownyAspergers: no wonder you cant 4v2 there you fucking moron DownyAspergers: wait DownyAspergers: silver? DownyAspergers: wait DownyAspergers: steraks gauge first item?? DownyAspergers: steraks gauge first item?? DownyAspergers: what?? DownyAspergers: morello bard??? DownyAspergers: what? DownyAspergers: darius how about you build black cleaver first item DownyAspergers: like someone without down syndrome would do
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