Another problem who riot keep ignoring and talk shits to me

In my own account i get banned beign neggative. How u can be possitive when someone in ur team try grief and troll ur lane and actually he complete do it. You get tilted a lot and , u begin try give him tips but he ignore, keep doing that grief at ur lane... how can u stant possitive .. i was so close to smash my monitor cuz i cnat do nothing about that and i was sure iwill get bannedfor that cuz i named him ''useless'' and ''idiot'' , that words was at place and true for real. We goin to my mind . Beign neggative is punishable , BUT the GRIEFING the lane at YOUR TEAMMATE IS NOT PUNISHABLE.? How? Why? How u will help me and will you even answer me to this ticket? im sure u won't reply back 100%! Thats why my opinions for this company is u suck and ur logic suck. I am not using other ppls acts to excuse myself . I want justice. Their acts maked me little neggative. I have to change my way to communicate but the players have to change their gameplay and strop grief others games cause that suck. Ppl who not deserve perma ban , they got it for ur bad system.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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