Kind of just getting tired of the same ole same ole teamates and trolls

It's seeming like the closer and closer I get to my promos for whatever rank, whether it's silver gold, S2, S1, G5 etc..I get more and more toxic people. I have literally have had to report 2-4 teammates almost every game for either flaming, trolling, bm'ing telling me to kill myself and get a life, or they just sit at base afk telling me how i need to stfu and get better. Every day i'm losing more and more of an urge to want to play because I can't physically carry as a 2v5 or 3v5, and it only gets worse as a duo pair with other duos being as toxic as possible. I.E ougrad1 playing as a zyra who literally does not ult a single time in a 45 min game laughing how we are going to lose with her butt buddy Sir Sexy playing as Vlad being her duo to only encourage the trolling like behavior. I thought a game was supposed to be rewarded for actually doing good, not be placed with toxic teamates whos intent is to ONLY Lose and Keep you behind. Whether its hardcore "Kill yourself scrub im afking in base have a fun game F*** you" or its soft core trolling afk'ing, only to move every 45 secs to not dc OR steal someones jungle camps and just laugh while y'all are forced an inevitable defeat. My positive behavior has reflected and has barely kept me at around an average 50% win rate with no high hopes of actually getting paired with people who want to win and have a good time. More and more i'm seeing the ban system fail at its job, and I used to enjoy the instant feedback of dealing with a troll, now its becoming a hassle just to try and enjoy a game. I used to laugh at Tyler1 rage over people screwing him over just for his name knowing who he is, but now its more consistent with an average player to where any New player is going to have a terrible time coming to league for the first 30 games if they make it that far before uninstalling. More and more i want to call these kids out on there behaviors with riots keeping a "hey don't say too much or we will ban you" hanging over my head and its pretty annoying. Its like a parent monitoring you, supporting the kid stealing toys, but punishing the kid who calls them out on the dreadful deed. I can see why more and more people are buying accounts that are high leveled by strictly solos. This is becoming an unpleasant team-based game due to riots "watch what you say kiddo" policy, and i've seen for instance a singed player get banned for only saying "Hey guys" just because he did something different or had a slightly off game, and the only thing that seems to be happening is support for people that are toxic. People running it down mid are completely fine? Why is this so? Why such a consistent like behavior for people who thrive and who don't care for be in that percentage of players that do not belong on the rift. a person on a 20 win rate should not be paired with someone who has had 23 loses in a row clearly inting on purpose. 0/kills or team participation including assists and for instance being around teammates for over 90% of games.. You can show their latest 20 games on the match history, but shows more..way more..more of a persons behavior and a true number of how many games in a row of how NOT A SINGLE THING has been done to people having a blast running it down mid or just straight trolling. Its very tiring man because i'm stuck, not in elo no..something much worse. Love the game, Hate the community. and it shouldn't be that way. Pros have been saying it, and even the little guys who have passion for this game have been saying it post after post after post, but our voice seems to be just as good as a controlled vote down to the ones who kiss ass and like to start the day off muting every teammate and just playing alone. Which is not what type of game league is at the end of the day. Hope to hear something back, if not bring me the ban hammer on the boards, that's all it seems to bring anyways. Unless something changes or a I get a real response from someone who doesn't have an attitude trying to tell me how I am wrong. Because I'd like to be shown otherwise, I'd like real change and a franchise that cares about its player base.
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