I verbally troll (not flame) people who flame me... is that punishable?

Everyone has had off games, especially me. I like to try new champs to expand my pool because {{champion:157}} is becoming more and more trash as the days go by(Im a yas main if you haven't caught on already). HOLD YOUR FIRE! Don't start typing "filthy yas main" yet ok? I like to play mages but sometimes I die because I forget that I can't windwall when I play as {{champion:45}} . Teammates like to call out my mistakes sometimes by saying "report mid useless" and "you're retarded kid" and "you're so bad". For example, I was playing {{champion:19}} in the jungle and I got set behind on kills and farm because of invade and counter jungling. Teemo says "report jg useless' and I say "keke". "KEKE STFU trash" was his response. He continued to flame me and I continued to say "haha". I'm still trying to get caught up even though Im verbally trolling teemo with 4-letter phrases. It's hard for a jungle to gank when he's far behind but I still try because Im not "that" guy. So in conclusion, should I stop with the keke's and the haha's or can I have my fun with angry kiddos. I still report them for verbal abuse of course but Im afraid my shenanigans will end up biting me in the ass. I know theres a mute button and all those knick knacks but I like provoking people even though I should ask them to stop so that they can progress to become a better person blah blah NO! When has "stop flaming me please" worked? IMO if it did, there wouldn't be a mute button. I've learned that being polite to a toxic person doesn't really work MOST OF THE TIME. I've seen miracles before but rarely do they occur. Once someone goes full ape, might as well have your fun before you mute'em. I've been banned for 9 months now and I've picked up a few tricks on keeping my cool on my new account (also some new skins ;). I also want to know because Im trying to progress in honor ranks. I still want to continue the keks but If it hurts my progress to honor 5, then i'll hit that pause button.
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