I got a permanent ban and i believe it is unfair and this is why

I believe the system of banning people for toxicity is really unfair. Toxicity is something that we see in every game and not just video games but also professional sports it is something that is a part of the game. Obviously league of legends is not a sport for many and is not seen as a professional sport, the audience is very different. The league of legends community can be said is mostly a younger audience which is why i understand being extremely against toxicity and enforcing very strict consequences but there are already many ways to prevent this such as the muting system, chat restrictions, and even the muting of pings. One of the reasons toxicity is also looked at as one of the biggest issue in league is because it is said that it ruins player's experience and i agree to certain extent that it does. But if toxicity really ruined peoples experience then we all already have the choice to mute that toxic person to avoid our experience from getting ruined so with that said,is it really the typing in chat which ruins the experience or is it that one person that decides to feed and causes one person to get triggered and flame the feeder which leads to a very toxic game. I believe that "toxic" players such as myself don't just log on to league and think " lets go flame some people" from personal experience i know that the extreme toxicity is triggered by a player that has a bad game and starts feeding more specifically in ranked games and there are also those that just are complete trolls. I have seen players that choose to mute me when i get toxic and it works perfectly I'm basically talking to myself and at the end of the game everyone moves on. I believe they're are many other ways to handle toxicity other than resulting in a permanent ban because i love this game i have spent so much money and it sucks losing it just because you have really bad ranked games and you get toxic. A system that could work is maybe having an option to purchase an unban for a high price to have sort of a learn your lesson, it could be a one time thing if you get banned again that's it or it could also be a system where the more bans you get the higher the price gets and if that player wants to continue spending money just buy an unban then eventually the price will be to high now i don't believe anyone would ruin that second chance because it really sucks losing an account after putting so much money in to it. The reason why chat restrictions and other punishments prior to the perm ban "don't work" is because toxicity will always exist because it comes natural with anything that is competitive. Thank you for reading this and i hope that maybe we can be given a second chance in some sort of way. I got banned after one game in ranked being really toxic. Obviously i had another 2 week ban and chat restrictions prior to this because you don't just get instantly permanently banned. I feel like there are many more steps that can be taken before resulting to a permanently ban especially for players that have been playing longer so that people can actually learn or avoid being toxic which is very hard in a competitive environment.

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