Increase in toxic behavior?

Is it me, the time of year (end of school time) or my rank? Recently I've been noticing a string of toxicity during my games. Two weeks ago I managed to finally hit Plat 4 after months of grinding, and made it all the way to my Plat 2 promos from there. Lost my promos and since then it's been going downhill. People who say "gg" at minute 5. People who straight up AFK or ragequit after not getting a gank at level 2 and dying once. People who flame all game. People on my team who have little communication, little teamwork, and little skill. Yet the enemy team plays like an LCS team compared to us. I've went on a HUGE loss streak over the past few days. Out of 20 games, I won 5. From Plat 2 promos all the way down to Plat 4, 0 LP. Some games were close and I didn't feel bad losing the close games, because they were fun and I learned a lot, but a vast majority of the games I had lost could have been won but weren't due to the nature and mental of my teammates. It's pretty frustrating. Is it always like this during this time of year? I began playing last year but didn't start to play ranked until later on in the season, so I wasn't playing ranked this time last year as far as I can remember. If I did, I don't remember it being nearly this bad. Is it due to my rank? Did I just get a lucky streak of games to get me all the way to Plat 2? Or is Plat overall generally like this? I mute people who are flaming verbally but I can't mute those who go AFK or feed, or just outright refuse to play as a team in this team game. I suspect it has to do with people getting out of school for the summer therefore there are a lot of people playing now who don't have as much time to play as others, so their mechanics and skill aren't as good as those who have time to play the game 24/7, but is it really this bad?
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