Trolls in promos

So i literally shit my brains out to get into the promos again, after i got trolled in my last. First game. I've got Kayn in the jungle. Teams seem decent both ways. We look like a stronger lategame composition. I see enemy picking Tahm Kench. Now i would dodge the game but i cant since im in promos it counts as loss. ( i strongly believe that Riot implemented this mechanism only so we couldnt avoid trolls in our promo games) Also they've got a Sejuani, and were kinda FuLL AD what do you know, after inting a couple of early kills. Kayn waited until like 20 minutes only so he could go Blue form, and int even harder. There is no player in bronze who would be stupid enough to go blue kayn against 2 op tanks. Let alone in this Platinum im trying to get into. We have to face the facts that some people will OP/gg u see that youre in promos and int the entire game. Soft way or hard int depending on how scared they are of getting banned. And there is literally nothing we can do to those people because why would riot do anything. Their systems whole purpose is to bring trolls in promo games. If they banned people who often troll games who would they than use to sabotage promos?
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