I want a clarification on a ban but not sure where to post

so fuck it i'll post here. so here's the chat log. Game 1 SWAGMASTERX5000: mfw no mastery teemo SWAGMASTERX5000: may top rest in peace SWAGMASTERX5000: afk SWAGMASTERX5000: hi dad SWAGMASTERX5000: i mean uh SWAGMASTERX5000: bro SWAGMASTERX5000: why heal SWAGMASTERX5000: i was fine SWAGMASTERX5000: afk shit adc SWAGMASTERX5000: gg im afk SWAGMASTERX5000: dog i got first blood for cait SWAGMASTERX5000: get over yourself SWAGMASTERX5000: get a kill %%%%%% SWAGMASTERX5000: do something SWAGMASTERX5000: why would fizz be bot SWAGMASTERX5000: like she was legit backing that wasnt even a bait SWAGMASTERX5000: what a weird play SWAGMASTERX5000: XDDD SWAGMASTERX5000: IM GAY LOLOL XD XD DX XDXDXDXDXDX XD SWAGMASTERX5000: zed go bot SWAGMASTERX5000: you missed your e and i flashed into it SWAGMASTERX5000: lol SWAGMASTERX5000: drag 40 SWAGMASTERX5000: mid wave SWAGMASTERX5000: come farm int SWAGMASTERX5000: it SWAGMASTERX5000: plz SWAGMASTERX5000: push top SWAGMASTERX5000: trade for bot turret SWAGMASTERX5000: holy balls teemo youre trash lol SWAGMASTERX5000: ok SWAGMASTERX5000: okay SWAGMASTERX5000: drag SWAGMASTERX5000: yeah the cait bought runaans SWAGMASTERX5000: gg m8s SWAGMASTERX5000: this is why i said i dont like supporting if i was adc this game we win e z SWAGMASTERX5000: how does a teemo lose to a garen lol SWAGMASTERX5000: fair SWAGMASTERX5000: we should've ff'd SWAGMASTERX5000: hello? SWAGMASTERX5000: %%% SWAGMASTERX5000: fffffffffff SWAGMASTERX5000: everyone has excus SWAGMASTERX5000: you wanna know what mine is? SWAGMASTERX5000: i have a bad habit SWAGMASTERX5000: of feeding on purpose SWAGMASTERX5000: lag SWAGMASTERX5000: how have you guys not ended yet SWAGMASTERX5000: lag SWAGMASTERX5000: "My grandfather laid on the battlefield and he grabbed me and he said "son, uhh, lag"" SWAGMASTERX5000: such a brave man SWAGMASTERX5000: this lux man SWAGMASTERX5000: let her die SWAGMASTERX5000: wtf is this teemo SWAGMASTERX5000: lag SWAGMASTERX5000: get fucked bitch SWAGMASTERX5000: garen where ug o SWAGMASTERX5000: omw SWAGMASTERX5000: OOPs SWAGMASTERX5000: MY BAD SWAGMASTERX5000: TRY TO FLAY TEEMO SWAGMASTERX5000: 9K OING SWAGMASTERX5000: PING SWAGMASTERX5000: good SWAGMASTERX5000: ay SWAGMASTERX5000: 9k ping i threw that hook yesterday SWAGMASTERX5000: get her SWAGMASTERX5000: shes alone SWAGMASTERX5000: ayu SWAGMASTERX5000: sup SWAGMASTERX5000: stop SWAGMASTERX5000: plz SWAGMASTERX5000: let me 1v1 morg SWAGMASTERX5000: thx got it at costco SWAGMASTERX5000: dont end plz SWAGMASTERX5000: i have family SWAGMASTERX5000: :/ SWAGMASTERX5000: ag SWAGMASTERX5000: l SWAGMASTERX5000: agl SWAGMASTERX5000: my mom say i smell like duck SWAGMASTERX5000: i say lag SWAGMASTERX5000: my dog ate my mom SWAGMASTERX5000: :C SWAGMASTERX5000: lag SWAGMASTERX5000: o=h shit SWAGMASTERX5000: i misclick and sheild me and not u SWAGMASTERX5000: lol SWAGMASTERX5000: its gone SWAGMASTERX5000: dotn go SWAGMASTERX5000: fight that shit SWAGMASTERX5000: %%%%% SWAGMASTERX5000: 5 bot SWAGMASTERX5000: leggo SWAGMASTERX5000: just got a text from my mom SWAGMASTERX5000: all it said was "worth: SWAGMASTERX5000: or just group mid SWAGMASTERX5000: and push SWAGMASTERX5000: 3 waves of supers SWAGMASTERX5000: its gg SWAGMASTERX5000: gropu mid SWAGMASTERX5000: as 4 SWAGMASTERX5000: 5 SWAGMASTERX5000: end game SWAGMASTERX5000: ok? SWAGMASTERX5000: ok SWAGMASTERX5000: lets go boys SWAGMASTERX5000: cait catch up SWAGMASTERX5000: back first SWAGMASTERX5000: then end SWAGMASTERX5000: mid SWAGMASTERX5000: 5 SWAGMASTERX5000: what a game SWAGMASTERX5000: gg fellers i think i was auto suspended for saying "%%%%%%" but me and the guy werent actually flaming each other it was all in good fun because we both just got kills in our lane. We actually won the game and he honored me after for making some good plays at the end. I'm sorry but if jokingly using the n word at somebody is bannable thats pretty gay lol.
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