We need REFORM on League of Legend

This was my back to back argument with a player support that ended up ending nowhere. I'm not going to say who the support person is in terms of privacy You can't punish people if they don't type anything in chat. I'm confused in terms of how you would even punish them. They can't play any better even if I didn't criticize them. Look at the player behavior board and they are even angry that nothing being done to these individual while mine is from utter frustration that is being enforced by a mere bot. Tell me how fair is it to speak out against such an unfair system or while many are leaving. Saying nothing in chat is just telling me its ok to spit at me and waste my valuable time along with saying its ok for that behavior to continue. At least I told them that this isn't acceptable. You have a horrible system that can't be fixed. I said nothing deragatory wit that retard was going to my duo partner. You tell me how is it that anything i said was "toxic". You also let people play any champion in rank with no practice and skill creating a burden for the rest of the members. i would like to open the floor to anyone that wants something that RIOT want and should hear before the season starts Unless they ask for the help, it very likely can come off as negative. Imagine making a mistake or having a bad game and someone comes in and starts telling you what to do? It is frustrating for sure. If they are doing something wrong on purpose you should ignore them and report them to us, but you should not also add negativity because that is also against the rules. Regardless of their behavior this is negative. > Why should I ignore something like that. Why is there no expectation to how a game should be played. I'm not their coach but i have standards that should be met otherwise why are you playing rank instead of normals and why climb? I don't get angry at like 10 minutes. I never criticize a first blood, baron being smited incorrectly although technicall you do have one job or a bad unfortunate teamfight at the end at the 40+ min mark. Its when you make the mistake and not learning from it giviing me a support a zero chance to even come back is what ticks me off. Look at their KDA and you TELL me if i'm not right. Hell look at a replay and see if its justfiable to my frustration. There is toxicity in which you just keep blaming AND ITS winnable vs nobody knows what they're doing AND Keeps repeating the same mistake over and over. I just did the smart thing and refused to try since others won't do the same. Around 12 minutes me and bot lane holded our end. Would like to carry individuals that aren't doing their share in real life? They should feel ashamed they let this occurred. There is zero punishment for learning another champion/lane with zero understanding. I dont understand why I should have to endure that emotional/mental suffering. All you have to do in rank is master 1-2 lanes with 3 champions to climb. I maybe not the best top/mid laner, but I least can CS and ward unlike my other teammates. Just be at the best at what you do and you will not have a "bad game". I am not the first or the last in terms of having people complain about intentional feeders/trolls. The game is dying because you let go of the standards in terms of how the game is played. Why have rank? Whats honestly is the differnce between rank and normals and it all boils down to the attitude. Rank is suppose to be stressful(good stress), but when people insult you and play seflishly its not fair to the rest of us. You let a BOT control our movement and restrict our freedom of expression. Its not like toxicity existed by itself, but from others not playing to the standard to their respected rank. We have had people even me complain in the board and Presented IDEAS but no people in RIOT has said or done anything about this. Its rather healthy to express contempt than saying nothing at all cause that an injustice. This isn't china/north korea where you have to conform without any justification. WHy aren't you allowed to reverse anything or give us a hearing to justify it. Why are you letting a BOT decide instead of a case to case basis. This is my smurf account that got 14 day suspension. I was previously a diamond 5 players. I don't want RIOT to address sometime like placement and IRON which I believe would promote increase in feeders , but toxicity, wintraders, and intentional feeders and how to curb these. Toxicity: instead of forcing me to press "I agree" when suspended we should bring back replays that will show clearly whos at fault instead of looking at chat. then players like you and me can vote on this whether they believe I deserve suspension and offer sincere feedback. Like a real democracy instead of a damn bot. Intentional feeders: players like them be restricted on playing rank games until they meet a certain level of mastery. What I mean in terms of clarity you cannot play any champion in rank until you hit a teir mastery. An example would be you cannot play a yasuo that you never played to a rank game to ease the unintentional burden you may impose on others. If you are found to feed you will be reported, but you will have to complete a set amount (not excessive) amount of normals for redemption Instead of exiting and losing LP(promos in not applied) you should be given a reroll max of 2 similar to how its acheived in Aram. if you are not comfortable with the team you have earned the right based on amount you played to dodge. This is only applied to solo que players and not DUOs. WIN Traders: have people send a replay of this and have people vote whether they are doing this.(often seen in high elos) Intentional voting must have a 3/5 vote minimum and be reviewed along with toxicity. Any suspension shall be reviewed and be judged upon the league community These are my suggestion I would like to grant the floor/voices to anyone that may have suggestion so that RIOT can see and incoporate this. Ty for your time and reading and hopefully changes can be made.
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