So basically I got myself banned

So, One of my friends on league got banned today. I decided I was bored so I hopped into an URF game and decided to do something, looking back on it, stupid. I decided to test the limits of Riot's banning system, and I got kind of surprised. We were in a party of four, all of whom I know very well and I made a bet that I wouldn't get banned, even though I flooded that chat with racial slurs and general toxic profranities. I won't link the chat log because it's honestly quite horrendous stuff. All of my friends reported me (not seriously) and so did some enemy players I presume. It turned out that I did get banned, for two weeks. it was my first ban and I've kept a mediocre track record, so I wasn't surprised it was for only two weeks. What did surprise me was that alongside the one chat log for that URF game that I exploded in was another older chat log. I think I'm right in saying that Riot needs multiple games of evidence to get someone banned, but I was surprised that they linked alongside another 5-day old chat log, and nothing else. Between then and recently I have been completely clean. This post isn't a plead of sympathy, or a plea that I want my account back. I don't see much downvotable about this but it's just information I guess. **and I know and I am aware that what I did was wrong** Well, at least I get a reason to not play this game for 2 weeks :P
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