Behavioral Restriction Question

During my games I was in fact guilty of toxicity I will admit... However, Some of the games I was labeled guilty for toxicity was when I was flamed and attacked by other players and I attacked back, eventually everyone on the team would report me and I would be the one getting severely punished. Some cases were friends reporting me as a good laugh, I am known in my friend group to be hot headed and they always like to play with my temper. I am willing to take a behavioral punishment but please I would appreciate it if it wasn't as severe as a permanent ban. If there is anyway I could limit my own chat capabilities so I don't have to be only restricted by chat bans I would love to know, that is if I am granted mercy by the Riot staff. I have put in a good penny into this game I would be very disappointed to see it vanish like this... Thanks, Yashadaboss
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