4 Losses (trolls), 6 Wins = BRONZE 5?! WTF?

Really? I lose 4 matches due to trolls, People who dont know how a map works, a solo pushing top (treats Rift like Aram, other 2 lanes dont exist). And a Korean who thinks the answer to everything is "just push" (even when the enemy is destroying other lanes, or taking Baron/dragon) and after ALL THAT. Your matchmaking system STILL drops me in Bronze 5? Where I am never going to escape. WTF is wrong with your system. I am no pro, I dont claim to be any sort of expert, but I try my best. But you start me off in a Quicksand Elo where the more I try to escape, the more trolls will come out to drop me back down. Bronze is a Bucket of crabs, whenever you try and climb out, trolls, feeders, ragers, instinctively get paired with you and drag you back down. Thanks again for screwing me for yet ANOTHER season, Ruin-it
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