I got a 14 day suspension because of 1 toxic game, no bullshit.

Not justifying that I wasn't toxic, because I was. I stated shit like "go fuck yourself" and was mocking what my afk Jhin was saying in fountain, but I don't think the banning system is supposed to ban you off of one game, without any previous restrictions/bans. I was honor level 5, but for some reason, this game was enough to get me banned until the 22nd of December? Really? Edit: Before you people start saying "How do we know you havn't been banned beforehand," if you can tell me a way to show you that I havn't, I'll be fucking glad too. I know how the report system works, it's 10 > 25 chat restriction, following up a 14 day suspension to permaban. This game completely neglected steps 1 and 2. Edit: Also proof that I didn't have any other toxic games. http://prntscr.com/hkw4q1 http://prntscr.com/hkw573 http://prntscr.com/hkw5ch http://prntscr.com/hkw5jw BlackieHammer: I've been ganked 4 times. BlackieHammer: how much is she paying you ori BlackieHammer: 5 ganks BlackieHammer: to kayn's 0 BlackieHammer: I got banned. BlackieHammer: "stfu you troll wtf you thinking" BlackieHammer: Duo is toxic. BlackieHammer: ignore. BlackieHammer: ori and eve both know she's been sitting in my lane. BlackieHammer: see what i mean? BlackieHammer: toxic. BlackieHammer: ignore. BlackieHammer: Muted jhin BlackieHammer: please report him. BlackieHammer: they dont care. BlackieHammer: too bad im streaming. BlackieHammer: :l BlackieHammer: it's normals. BlackieHammer: also BlackieHammer: I do it to catch people like you. BlackieHammer: who sit in base BlackieHammer: And talk shit BlackieHammer: literally flaming in fountain BlackieHammer: Sending a support ticket BlackieHammer: enjoy the ban mate BlackieHammer: hey BlackieHammer: voting no brw BlackieHammer: So you can sit in game longer. BlackieHammer: nope. BlackieHammer: go fuck yourself. BlackieHammer: These guys BlackieHammer: Acting innocent BlackieHammer: but flame me because they don't agree withmy pick BlackieHammer: You can't report me for picking nunu mid. BlackieHammer: So stop. BlackieHammer: Me running back to my tower is int feeding BlackieHammer: Gotcha BlackieHammer: Idk how you're diamond. BlackieHammer: You should follow hashinshin BlackieHammer: you and him have similarities BlackieHammer: literally the most disgusting attitude i've ever seen BlackieHammer: Thought so. BlackieHammer: keep your motuh closed. BlackieHammer: I'd rather riot see him flame BlackieHammer: Via vod. BlackieHammer: lost of my time BlackieHammer: he's so flustered he can't even speak fluently BlackieHammer: Jhin BlackieHammer: im ulting the minion waves BlackieHammer: so they cant push BlackieHammer: btw BlackieHammer: jhin made kayn leave BlackieHammer: via toxicity. BlackieHammer: just wanted to add that as a note. BlackieHammer: Tellingme that im inting but you're sitting in fountain. BlackieHammer: ok. BlackieHammer: "why the fuck are you taking my cs" BlackieHammer: duo ignore. BlackieHammer: nope BlackieHammer: cause im voting no BlackieHammer: guy deserves to suffer tbh. BlackieHammer: oh my bad dude BlackieHammer: I thought you were having fun BlackieHammer: ill ff next time then BlackieHammer: gg fellas. BlackieHammer: Be sure to report me for "inting" btw. BlackieHammer: Because jhin clearly isn't doing that. BlackieHammer: im not. BlackieHammer: Hes mad about my pick BlackieHammer: so he calls it inting BlackieHammer: darius BlackieHammer: please let it go on BlackieHammer: yawn
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