What made you change your behavior (positively)

So in another discussion about permaban vs permamute, I mentioned how the 4 tier verbal punishment system is based on Riot's old behavior findings, where they distinguished that a person after 4 punishments aren't likely to reform, and thus they would rather tell those people they aren't welcome in the game by giving them a permaban. Now I know that people have different timings to decide that they have to change their behavior. Some never reoffend after the first punishment, some will take actions after a 14-day ban. I've seen people only change their ways after a permaban, and then there are those super rare ones that will finally change after a few lost accounts. This makes me wonder what is it that makes people change the behavior? Understanding the system and knowing what you said wasn't cool? Fear of losing the account? Getting tired of permabans? Just gotten more mature after a long hiatus? I want to understand when and how something clicked in your mind to change you behavior. So can you please let me inside your mind and **tell me what made you change your behavior, and at what stage were you at on the punishment scale.**
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