I got banned for saying 2 words out of game..

I dont think that i deserve 14 days ban for the 3th time the other 3 times i was flaming i know that and im sorry for that.But getting banned for saying 2 bad words (OUT OF GAME) in the lobby after the game...Game 1 In-Game ThëHãDźØv: vilipce ThëHãDźØv: unmute ThëHãDźØv: pingav ThëHãDźØv: D: ThëHãDźØv: BRAT ZOTOOO/ ThëHãDźØv: ZOSTOO ThëHãDźØv: ne ThëHãDźØv: dami go lapnis ThëHãDźØv: ty ThëHãDźØv: holy ThëHãDźØv: ggs Post-Game ThëHãDźØv: s- ThëHãDźØv: XD ThëHãDźØv: kys riot ThëHãDźØv: KYS X10 here is the text and im sry i didnt knew that i can get banned for saying some bad words out of the game .. in the lobby so i am asking can you help me or unban me bcz i rly dont deserve this.Plus on every ban u get ur honor lower.Well i was honor 2 now i was staying cool not flaming not saying anything.So The bans should be reseted as always.But now i got insta 14 days banned... i always get 10 games than 25 games AND THEN 14 DAYS... im sorry i need help.
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