Please tell me your thoughts whether I deserve the permanent ban.

The following Games are insanely immature, and I'm sorry if you do not understand my english as it is not my first language. Reasons why I dont get the ban: 1. I didn't talk or relate anything about sucide, or sucidal thoughts 2. I didn't discriminate or show signs of racism. 3. I didn't relate my allies, and enemies about personal issues, like disease which is something not to joke about. 4. I didn't curse, words like "fuck u". 5. I didn't afk, and tried my best in very single match whether the outcome was a victory or a loss. Now, I would be going the 3 Games that made my account a permanent ban. Before that, I'm totally fine and I respect you opinions, if you would think that I was actually toxic during the games, because we all have different opinions Now, I would like to take sometime discussing about the Games, being honest the games were all played by me and I take full responsibility for what happend.. I'm just copying pasting most of this, from the ticket I have send to Riot. Game 1 iEnVyGreens: cant seriously belive no one dodged iEnVyGreens: let them take it iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: cool tactics yi iEnVyGreens: no red :=( iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: this adc iEnVyGreens: we lose iEnVyGreens: we try iEnVyGreens: but idk atm iEnVyGreens: good joke iEnVyGreens: wat an ult iEnVyGreens: this is bronze iEnVyGreens: anything can happen iEnVyGreens: like this iEnVyGreens: idk iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: WOW iEnVyGreens: this kat iEnVyGreens: nope im not iEnVyGreens: dude iEnVyGreens: u have the dagge iEnVyGreens: so u should have e the dagger and come back again while taking some dmg iEnVyGreens: u guys are good iEnVyGreens: just need more practice iEnVyGreens: idc iEnVyGreens: u will end up losing if u dont listen to ur teammates iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: seriously iEnVyGreens: that was a good ult iEnVyGreens: ? iEnVyGreens: assisted u :D iEnVyGreens: did i do anything? iEnVyGreens: for? iEnVyGreens: ?? iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: no reason and reporting iEnVyGreens: cool iEnVyGreens: help me !! this team thinks im a troll iEnVyGreens: yi in the bush iEnVyGreens: why would u trade for a teemo with 121 cs? iEnVyGreens: u all are trolls iEnVyGreens: good job trolls iEnVyGreens: help me this team is trolling iEnVyGreens: ?? iEnVyGreens: yi troll? iEnVyGreens: gg yi troll iEnVyGreens: cant even play the easiest champ in the game ROFL iEnVyGreens: worst mallphite iEnVyGreens: ye iEnVyGreens: easiest champ in the game iEnVyGreens: do u even get that iEnVyGreens: yi is like 0 mechanics iEnVyGreens: just spam q iEnVyGreens: ok iEnVyGreens: kat trolling iEnVyGreens: u guys cant even respect me im doing so good iEnVyGreens: oops iEnVyGreens: misclickeed iEnVyGreens: gg iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: .. iEnVyGreens: teemo so fed iEnVyGreens: gg iEnVyGreens: free kill iEnVyGreens: love this yi iEnVyGreens: this yi is soo good iEnVyGreens: STAY IN BASE iEnVyGreens: WOW iEnVyGreens: STAY IN BAS iEnVyGreens: ok iEnVyGreens: im dead iEnVyGreens: means we lost iEnVyGreens: cause this team cant do anything without me lol iEnVyGreens: gg iEnVyGreens: u guys are rly good Game 1: Cassiopeia (Support) 4-7-9 This wasn't a troll! I wanted to play support morgana, but it got banned, lol ofc it was a bad idea to play support as I could only play morgana and blitzcranck, (in fact both of them got banned) but I was bored playing top, as even if I do my best and have a decent score, my bot lane most likely feeds my other adc, and we lose late game. So, I took this time to see how i feels like to play support. I could have picked Alistar, or Soraka but I wasn't good with it, so I picked a Cassiopeia as her ult could be useful in teamplays. Now in the start, I said "can't belive no one dodged", and I was just joking with this because many people think that Cassiopeia cant support. The first few mins I have bringing a positive environment, showing emojis... but time came when I got annoyed with this adc. He wasnt doing anything I liked, missing lots of cs.. not doing any poke damage and waiting for the jungler to gank for mins. I died once or twice, and I said this adc (I didnt mean anything bad or good), just to show him that I was annoyed. I not I shouldn't be annoyed, but I'm a human being too, and at times I can't control my feelings. I was probably very tilted through the whole game, as I played the match after playing with my friends who played so bad and threw the whole game. Moreover, I wasnt toxic, I was just annoyed, then I started showinga little bit of negativity saying stuff like we lose, we try. By saying this, I meant that with the team comp and even if we put effort, its almost impossible to win, by seeing the scorecard. But, then I did a brilliant ult, followed by a double kill. I got my form and mood back, and said "this is bronze, so anything thing can happen". I say this, because all my coaches and everyone who plays the game knows that beng in bronze is like a hell! and anything could happen.. But then after that brilliant play, our adc said something like "are u trolling, taking kills intentionally", and I got so pissed. This adc doing nothing, and me doing something do contribute and they not even being thankful for me trying so hard to get back in the game. They tilted me, and then I said "this kat', which was again doing something stupid and throwing the game. I said "this kat" to our katarina, again not meaning what I said meant anything bad or good, but I was just annoyed, and I dont get it, I'm not toxic, I'm not griefing. And I also spammed wow when I died, for a several times, because the enemy team played good. Let me remind tha the whole text isnt made up, but it might slightly be a bit off as I dont remember everything about the game that happend, but I'm for sure not making things up. You could also check the Chat for this game. Then I gave katarina some tips about the dagger and stuff, and aftr that once again I gave a positive environment saying "You Guys are good, and just need more practice" because that was what I thought. Then the team said that they are going to report me because I'm a troll, and they also said that we shouldn't say the enemy team we have a troll in here. And, the moment I saw the message I was like wtf. I did a brilliant ult, I'm assisting you guys to help the team. So sure, if you think I'm trolling, why dont I troll. Simple as that. I didnt troll, I just took some jungle camps for my own need, and gold. And if they say I'm trolling, I talk back them saying you guys are trolls too, and thats what happend. I couldn't keep my calm, I was giving tips, to improve as a team, no one listens, and my team goes split pushing when we dont even have a turret to defend the nexus. Game 2 iEnVyGreens: lag iEnVyGreens: cmoon olaf iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: WOW iEnVyGreens: HOW CAN U NOT GET THAT? iEnVyGreens: get out of my lane iEnVyGreens: this olaf sucks iEnVyGreens: u have a 0% win rate olaf iEnVyGreens: 0 iEnVyGreens: wp iEnVyGreens: no iEnVyGreens: this jg troll iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: morgana is rocking iEnVyGreens: salute u iEnVyGreens: p iEnVyGreens: do u know iEnVyGreens: this olaf has a 0% win rate ? iEnVyGreens: i dont need ur help iEnVyGreens: olaf iEnVyGreens: olaf troll iEnVyGreens: wait wo iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: olaf troll iEnVyGreens: gg olaf troll iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: i agree iEnVyGreens: not bad iEnVyGreens: but u still area abig noob iEnVyGreens: aaah iEnVyGreens: wtf iEnVyGreens: great play iEnVyGreens: wat a sacrifice iEnVyGreens: plz iEnVyGreens: get that iEnVyGreens: and we win iEnVyGreens: yes gj iEnVyGreens: trapped lmao iEnVyGreens: gg this team cant do nothing without me iEnVyGreens: BARON? iEnVyGreens: olaf wtf u doing iEnVyGreens: hes trolling iEnVyGreens: olaf trolling iEnVyGreens: plz report ola iEnVyGreens: olaf iEnVyGreens: report olaf iEnVyGreens: can u all do me a favor? iEnVyGreens: report olaf iEnVyGreens: LOL iEnVyGreens: IM A SAVAGE iEnVyGreens: good job galio iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: gg iEnVyGreens: report jg and ashe iEnVyGreens: and galio iEnVyGreens: the whole team except nami iEnVyGreens: wow wp iEnVyGreens: nice ult iEnVyGreens: im literally done with this team iEnVyGreens: full of trolls iEnVyGreens: wanna duo cass? iEnVyGreens: ok iEnVyGreens: gg iEnVyGreens: done with this team Game 2: Yorick (Top) 15-9-7 I got pissed this game, everyone performed terribly, which I do not mind because there are people who are not good at the game, but I got pissed and started saying report olaf for a couple of times, because our jungler Olaf was throwing the game. Early Game, our jungler who was Olaf came to my lane taking a lot of cs, and he only ganked to ks. First I pinged him to fall back, but then he didnt listen so I wrote in CAPS to "get out of my lane", and I think I deserve to say this after he had been ruining the lane. I dont exactly remember what he said, but he also verbal abused me saying "fk u", and stuff. Seriously, I didnt even make a single verbal abuse statement and I get banned, while he was saying "fk u" to me and him getting away with it. I kept saying Olaf, I dont need your help, but then he kept doing the same thing again and there was nothing I could do. So, I let my team know that olaf is a troll. I ignored him for sometime and I kept going forward, but then again Olaf started trolling, intentionally not showing up for baron. I just kept spamming with report olaf and ashe, as she was also giving up and giving kills to the opponent team. I said that galio was a troll too, but I take my words back as he tried hes best, and later made no longer negative comments about him. I also cheered nami, as she was playing impressive and trying her best at the curret situtaion. I ended up the game with GG, and "I'm done with this team", because I really was! You could also check the Chat for this game, as Olaf was verbal abusing but I later forgot to report him. Game 3 iEnVyGreens: it was bad iEnVyGreens: shyvana go jungle iEnVyGreens: i said iEnVyGreens: only come iEnVyGreens: when i ping u iEnVyGreens: i dont want u to take my farm iEnVyGreens: why ks? iEnVyGreens: ok iEnVyGreens: dude iEnVyGreens: u are not funny iEnVyGreens: i agree iEnVyGreens: i saved u iEnVyGreens: so plz shut up iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: ill go afk when shyv spits one more word iEnVyGreens: ok iEnVyGreens: im done iEnVyGreens: im gonna do nothing iEnVyGreens: sure iEnVyGreens: im doing everything i can iEnVyGreens: dont make me tilt iEnVyGreens: dude iEnVyGreens: whats ur problem iEnVyGreens: wat iEnVyGreens: who? iEnVyGreens: wow iEnVyGreens: now im getting tilted iEnVyGreens: bec of shvana iEnVyGreens: and how am i toixc? iEnVyGreens: toxic? iEnVyGreens: how ? iEnVyGreens: how? iEnVyGreens: tell me iEnVyGreens: rn iEnVyGreens: has nothing to say iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: but how am i toxic? iEnVyGreens: alistar and mf am i toxic? iEnVyGreens: and darius? iEnVyGreens: ur so childish iEnVyGreens: we tried iEnVyGreens: shes so childish iEnVyGreens: or he iEnVyGreens: how are u even not banned? iEnVyGreens: im literally good iEnVyGreens: i said nothing iEnVyGreens: dude iEnVyGreens: this shyvana is so toxic iEnVyGreens: plz report her iEnVyGreens: yup plz iEnVyGreens: report her iEnVyGreens: so immature iEnVyGreens: tilting me iEnVyGreens: good ks iEnVyGreens: oops iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: gg iEnVyGreens: obviously iEnVyGreens: u did no dmg input iEnVyGreens: no but a jungler role is to assist iEnVyGreens: yep it is iEnVyGreens: ur still bronze so i dont except u to know but iEnVyGreens: yep iEnVyGreens: im never lol iEnVyGreens: shyvana tilts me as fuck iEnVyGreens: nice job killing her iEnVyGreens: ya ask poo iEnVyGreens: or anyone iEnVyGreens: y teleport? iEnVyGreens: thats after u became toxic iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: im just tilted iEnVyGreens: oops iEnVyGreens: lol iEnVyGreens: gg iEnVyGreens: ggwp iEnVyGreens: thats toxic Game 3: 4-9-7 (Mid) Lissandra I honestly have no clue why this is in there. I wasn't toxic, but instead had a really toxic jungler in our team. Just like Game 2 he kept coming in my lane and took all my cs. I kindly told him to go jungle, and told him to only come when i ping for help, but he didnt listen. I kept my cool for times, even though he started being toxic. I saved him in multiple teamfights, and told him a couple of times he isnt acting funny, instead just griefing and being annoying. You could aslo check the Chat for this game, and I'm sure that he was showing the double of toxicity compared to me. I reported him at the end of the game, but I didnt get a feedback report meaning he wasnt given a warning or ban. I'm so confused as I did nothing wrong in this game. You could even check the chat and tell me what I did wrong. He was acting so immature and childish, so I told him that I'll leave the game if he doesnt stop the toxicness, because why would I want to play with a person who keeps on annoying me even though I'm helping and contributing the team. She tilted me a lot, so I decided to mute her for sometime, and I decided to be a little bit annoying too. I have emotions too. I get mad. I was mad, so I cheered the enemy team for only once, compared to her saying shit to me ten times! and it was because I simply hated that particular Shyvana! Thanks for taking the time to read every single thing I wrote, as I wrote them with effort. I'm not saying that I'm not guilty for anything, or I am completely right, as there were times I could improve my attitude. If you disagree with me, that is totally acceptable as I'm in no place to decided all about this. If I was toxic, I'm very sorry from the bottom of my heart, that I have been ruining all of these recently games Please Let Me Know! If i do deserve the perm ban or not. I do accept that my previous suspensions were well deserved, but I'm not sure about this one.
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