GDPR and cheating bans

This isn't a thread to bash nor defend anyone, I'm just plainly asking a question. So please, don't bombard me with 'disagreement' downvotes, just because you only read the title. I've never gotten banned for anything either, so this is not a plea for anything. So currently Riot doesn't disclose any information about a ban for cheating. Atleast for consumers in the EU, wouldn't Riot *have* to publish the data on why they got punished due to cheating? I understand doing so would open the door for cheaters to more easily create new cheats, so I'm wondering how Riot gets around the GDPR for these things? I assume that this data counts as personal information, and that Riot stores it. They'd have to store it, at least for a while so that anyone banned for cheating can have a support representative look and verify if it's a false positive, right? I'm really just looking for someone smarter than me to answer these questions. Though, maybe I should post it on EU boards instead.

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