With Clash on the horizon, I need to view my friend's Honor level

On Friday, I had my team of myself and four players ready to play clash, and all invites were pending. I had one player who frequently would tilt to himself (while over mic) and would after a bad game just leave queue and disc to go play a game on his own and de-stress as we continued to play. Two hours before Clash was scheduled to start (we hadn't gotten the news it was canceled) this player calls me and says he's going to play on his gf's account because he got a 14-day chat restriction about a month ago and his honor level is 0. Granted, this is the player's fault for not contacting me about this issue before 2 hours prior to Clash but not being able to view people on my Friend's List Honor levels is ridiculous. I understand Riot doesn't want us seeing our random premades' Honor in Ranked or something but people who I queue with on my friend's list who I don't know IRL, I should have some ability to make sure they're not going to screw me and my friends out of being able to play this game that we set aside time this weekend to play. LET US VIEW FRIEND'S HONOR LEVELS OR DON'T ALLOW US TO EVEN HAVE THE OPTION TO ADD PEOPLE WHO CANNOT ACCEPT THE INVITE!!! Please
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