Goodbye riot games

Hello there ive been recently permanently banned, again, and i wanted to take this opportunity to ask what peoples priorities in games should be. See i dont understand how any type of negative comments can warrant a permaban, i dont, i play to win, and trashtalk people who either ruin my games by throwing, inting, feeding. And the story goes the same for my other account. I grew up with games where trashtalking was just part of the game, and you knew that words are just that; words. Why is the communitys priority seemingly to be NICE and friendly in chat, but you can throw or feed or int however much you want? I am sorry but thats all ive seen and all ill ever see in this game. Ive wasted around a 100 pounds on this game, and im making myself a promise to NEVER return ever again. The games mechanics are fine, but this community is permanently in the gutter, and unless you prioritize it right, itll remain that way forever. Goodbye

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