Egirl should be considered a severe insult.

Hi, So i am starting this thread in the hope that this ~egirl~ name calling would stop. I personally feel extremely insulted being called an egirl. Just because i have a female name and i play this game it doesn`t mean anything. I could be trans, gay or simply genderless. Right? Or i could be a wife or a husband. The definition of egirl is an insult for any of mentioned above.. Is there a posibility for this to be punishable as sever as name calling in general? Below some definitions of egirl: ~eGirl An egirl is an internet slut. A girl who tends to flirt with many online guys. Her world revolves around getting attention from professional gamers as well as guys who are extremely "ethirsty". She may possibly send nudes or do anything else for these guys in order to seek their attention, including possibly spreading nutella all over her body. Calling a girl an "egirl" is an insult. You might as well be calling her a hoe who's sub thirsty.~ ~egirl an egirl is a species of emo usually found on tiktok but commonly spends time on tumblr. can be found wearing pink eyeshadow with a large wing, little hearts under the eyes and a blushed nose. normally wearing some type of shirt from urban outfitters over a longsleeve striped shirt. commonly found doing the me!me!me! dance but has probably never seen it before.~ ~eGirl Often seeking the attention of professional gamers, eGirls are born and raised on Twitter where they gain exponential amounts of attention from pub players and competitive players alike, and still complain about being lonely. If you ever are looking for a good late night show on Twitter, look no further than eGirls. Shortly after the first Major League Gaming event in Dallas, TX 2013, the rate at which eGirl nudes were released increased by 70% compared to the previous Pro Circuit year. Due to the influx of content, traffic on sites such as Brazzers and Playboy reduced dramatically during this time. Live sightings of eGirls can be found at gaming LANs. The largest gathering to date was during a MLG event in Anaheim, CA 2013. Nicknames: Pro-Hoes, Gamer Groupies~ ~eGirl (Noun) 1. An internet girl who thrives off of the attention of others no matter who it may be. An "eGirl" will often post pictures where she is dressed in very skimpy clothing in order to evoke a reaction from her followers. Person A: "Hey, did you hear about that eGirl?"~
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