Riot Needs To Do More About Trolling and Intentional Feeders.

Before I begin, yes I realize the difference between a "Bad game" and Intentionally feeding. What I want to talk about is the very obvious, and even stated intentionally feeding that's been happening recently when I have been playing. The first example is a Riven top who died about 3-4 times early on, that's fine. But what's not fine is when they get pissed and literally say they're going to int in the chat log, and proceed to go 0/14. Sure enough I reported (and maybe some other team mates did as well) but nothing happened to this player in any way. I decided to follow their profile out of curiosity to see if maybe it would take a few more games for the report to pick up and deliver the punishment. Over 10 games later and a couple of days my curiosity was met with the realization that this system doesn't work. It was well worth the few days wait to prove it. I decided to do this experiment over the next 2-3 months, seeing if any of these reports were looked at in any way. It ranged from Hate speech towards team mates, or enemy teams. The very common intentionally feeding, in which the player themselves admitted to their inting. Mental disability insults, flaming, harassment, you name it. Seeing all of this and following the profiles of the worst offenders to see time and time again nothing had been done. This is not only an unhealthy game play environment but its very unsafe too. Its rather unsettling that players who breach psychotic levels are ignored. To the point of having a mental break down in a game, spending 20 minutes typing in caps and running it down instead of playing. Not only does this show that the game causes a negative mental on the offender but the victims are left feeling demoralized and lose desire to play the game anymore. So why is this being ignored? Has anyone else bothered going into detail to see if their reports were listened to in any way? And has anyone seen justice for their reports?

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